Mind the Green

A graphic that says "Mind the Green" and shows a stencil of a bike surrounded by a green heart.

Through the Mind the Green campaign, the City is painting some bike lanes green as a way to increase safety for cyclists. These high-visibility lanes are designed to remind motorists to watch for cyclists and share the road.

They’re located in areas where there may be a potential conflict between a cyclist and a motorist.

This includes:

  • entrances to driveways
  • crosswalks
  • through-lanes with adjacent right turn lanes

What is a bike box?

Painted the same colour of green, a bike box is a priority queue lane for cyclists. It is found in front of the stop bar at an intersection. 

Bike Box

Cyclists waiting to turn left should move into the bike box when the light is red and be ready to proceed first when the light changes to green. 

Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024