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Find out who can request a hearing, how to apply, fees, processing time and more for appeal hearings coordinated by the City Clerk’s Office.

General information

Where permitted by by-law, appeal hearings are heard by an independent hearings officer appointed by Municipal Council. This individual will hear both sides of an appeal (the City’s side and your side as the appellant) and provide a written decision. The powers of the hearings officer are outlined in the various by-laws authorizing appeal. The decision of the hearings officer is final.

The City Clerk’s Office coordinates hearings, by scheduling them and distributing related documents. The City Clerk’s Office does not provide legal or other advice about preparing for your hearing.

You may represent yourself at the hearing, or obtain legal representation, with prior written notice.

It can take 6 weeks to three months to schedule a hearing. Hearings take place at City Hall, with the option to join by Zoom with prior notice. Hearings usually last for one to two hours.

Decisions are always written and typically distributed within a week of the hearing. 

Hearing fee

The fee to request a hearing is $150, or as posted in the Fees and Charges By-law, and this fee is not refundable. Payment can be made in person at the City Clerk’s Office, 3rd floor City Hall, or by credit card over the phone. 


The deadline for appeal varies by by-law (see page two of the request form). The decision letter should specify the date your appeal must be received in the City Clerk’s Office. Hearing requests cannot be accepted after the deadline for appeal. 

Hearing Request Form

Hearing Request Form

Return this completed form with the hearing fee by the deadline to:

City Clerk's Office

The Corporation of the City of London

Mail: PO Box 5035, London ON N6A 4L9

Drop off: City Hall, Room 308, 300 Dufferin Ave, London ON N6B 1Z2


Fax: 519-661-4892

Include any supporting documents you wish the hearings officer to consider, such as photographs, floor plans, testimonials, or estimates. You may also email these after the request. The City Clerk’s Office will provide a deadline for providing additional documentary evidence.


London's Hearings Officer By-Law (A.-6653-121) is posted online at

Call 519-661-CITY (2489), ext. 5422, or email Anastasia Bush:

City Clerk’s Office – 519-661-4530 | 

Types of appeals coordinated through the City Clerk’s Office

Hearings to appeal a property standards order are heard under the CP-24, the Property Standards bylaw. The property standards committee is made up of at least three hearings officers appointed by Council.  

Rules of Practice and Procedure Before the Property Standards Committee

Other types of appeal hearings
  1. Administrative Monetary Penalty System – appeals are coordinated through Provincial Offences Administration Office. Contact:, 519-661-1882
  2. Provincial Offences Appeals:
  3. Property assessment – appeals are coordinated through the Assessment Review Board 1-800-263-3237
  4. Applications for Minor Variance to Zoning By-law Z.-1 – Committee of Adjustment
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