Task Forces and Special Committees

Task Forces and Special Committees play an important role in this process by providing advice and recommendations to Council.

Audit Committee

You can contact the Audit Committee by phone at 519-661-2489, extension 4599 or by email at hwoolsey@london.ca.

The Audit Committee reports directly to the Municipal Council and oversees all audit matters, including evaluation of internal and external services to ensure effective, independent, yet complementary audit services are received.

Audit Committee Members:

Deputy Mayor Shawn Lewis (Chair)

Councillor Susan Stevenson

Councillor Jerry Pribil

Councillor Peter Cuddy

Ibad Cheema

Terms of reference

The Audit Committee is responsible for the following:

  • to report directly to the Municipal Council;
  • to oversee all audit matters, including evaluation of internal and external services to ensure effective, independent, yet complementary audit services are received;
  • to satisfy itself as to the existence and terms of an Engagement letter from the external auditors and the outsourced internal auditors, as advised by the Administration;
  • to review the arrangements for the scope of the annual audits, accounting principles (including alternatives), materiality limits incorporated in the audit, and to determine the reasonableness and adequacy of the audit fee;
  • to review the auditors' report and audited financial statements and to satisfy itself that these financial statements present fairly, the financial position and results of operations, and that the external auditors have no reservations about these statements, and to make such recommendations thereon to the Municipal Council as deemed necessary;
  • to satisfy itself that there are no unresolved issues between the Administration and the auditors, and that there is a good working relationship between the Administration and the auditors;
  • to review the auditors' management letters, together with the implementation plans, as advised by the Chief Administrative Officer;
  • to recommend the appointment of new auditors on the advice of the Administration, in the event of a vacancy;
  • to annually review and approve the work plan from the outsourced internal auditor, including providing input for the risk-based audit plan;
  • authorize assignments (internal and/or external) as may be determined necessary, from time-to-time;
  • to receive reports of the external and internal auditors, including the interim and annual summary reports of findings from the auditors; and, 
  • to receive the functional reporting of the outsourced internal auditor.
  • Deputy Mayor
  • Three members of the Municipal Council
  • One citizen appointee (with a Chartered Accountant designation)
Terms of Office

Concurrent with the term of the Municipal Council making the appointment.

Appointment Policies

Recommendations for appointment to the Audit Committee are made by the Strategic Priorities and Policy Committee, or the Striking Committee, as the case may be, and are considered by the City Council.

Through local newspaper advertisements, the City of London website and postings at local library branches, qualified citizens are invited to apply for appointment as the citizen appointee.

The Chair and Vice-Chair are elected by the Committee from among its voting members.


Same qualifications as for the members of the Municipal Council. The citizen appointee shall have the designation of a Chartered Accountant.


At least quarterly each year, and at such other times as shall be required and determined by the Chair.


No remuneration is paid to the Committee members.



Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment holds public hearings and makes decisions on applications for minor variances to City zoning by-laws and land severances (also known as consents). 

City Planning & Development Services provides the operating budget and meeting management support for the Committee of Adjustment.

The Committee of Adjustment is established under and governed by the Planning Act , which sets out the powers of the Committee.   City Council sets out the Committee’s composition and delegated authorities from Council. The Committee operates with rules set out in the Statutory Powers Procedure Act, 1990.

The Committee consists of 5 members of the public appointed by City Council through the City's Public Appointments process.

How to participate

Members of the public can participate in Committee Hearings by attending in-person at City Hall 2nd floor Committee Room # 1, or via zoom by computer, mobile device, or telephone audio. Members of the public are required to pre-register by 4:30 p.m. the day prior to the Hearing date and to indicate their attendance either in-person or electronically.  Members of the public attending electronically will be given information to connect to the electronic Zoom meeting. To register please contact the Committee administrative team either by phone (519) 930- 3500 or emailing CoAregister@london.ca.

Members of the public can also participate in the application process by submitting written comments to the Committee prior to the Hearing. Written comments may be submitted to the Secretary – Treasurer by emailing CoAsubmit@london.ca  prior to the Hearing, and all personal information and comments will become part of the public record.

Dearness Home Committee of Management

You can contact the Dearness Home Committee of Management by phone at 519-661-2489, extension 5422 or by email at abush@london.ca.

City Council established the Committee of Management for the Dearness Home on September 20, 2010 in accordance with section 132 of the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007, which provides that the council of a municipality establishing and maintaining a long-term care home shall appoint from among the members of the council a committee of management for the home.

Five members of council are appointed for a 4-year term to the Committee of Management. The Chair and Vice Chair are elected from among the committee members.

The Dearness Home Committee of Management Members for the term November 15, 2022 to November 14, 2026 are: Councillors S. Hillier, E. Peloza, D. Ferreira, S. Lehman and H. McAlister.

The Committee of Management meets a minimum of four times a year and may provide information reports to Municipal Council.

Terms of reference

The Committee of Management will be composed of five (5) appointed members of Municipal Council.

Terms of Office

The term of office for the members of the Committee of Management shall coincide with the term of office of members of Municipal Council.

Appointment Policies

On the day immediately following the Inaugural Meeting of a new Municipal Council, a meeting of the Committee of the Whole shall be convened to make recommendations to the Municipal Council, at a Council meeting on the same day as the Committee of the Whole meeting, with respect to the appointment of Council Members to the Committee of Management. In advance of the Committee of the Whole meeting, the City Clerk shall provide members of the Council-Elect with a communication briefly describing the mandate of the Committee of Management to which Council Members are to be appointed, and providing a document on which each Council Member Elect is to indicate their desire to be appointed to the Committee of Management. This document shall be returned to the City Clerk, by a specific date, in order to form part of the agenda for the Committee of the Whole meeting.


In the event of a vacancy on the Committee of Management becomes available during a Council Term, after appointments have been made at the commencement of the Council Term, the City Clerk shall canvass the Council Members to determine which Council Members would be interest in filling the vacancy. The names of the Council Members who have expressed an interest in filling the vacancy shall be placed on an agenda of the Committee of the Whole, at the earliest opportunity, for a nomination to be brought forward to Municipal Council for consideration.


The Committee of Management will meet a minimum of four times a year.

The first meeting will be called by the City Clerk, or his or her designate. Subsequent meetings shall be at the call of the Chair, in consultation with the Committee Secretary. All time frames established in the Long-Term Care Homes Act, 2007 and regulations shall be adhered to.

The Chair shall cause notice of the meetings, including the agenda for the meetings, to be provided to members of the Committee a minimum of three (3) business days prior to the date of each meeting.

Quorum for meetings shall consist of a majority of the members of the Committee.

Minutes of each meeting shall outline the general deliberations and specific actions and recommendations that result.


The Committee members will select a Chair from amongst its members at its first meeting.


The Committee of Management may provide information reports to Municipal Council. The duties of the members of the Committee of Management are set out in the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007. These duties are as follows:

a) To exercise the care, diligence and skill that a reasonably prudent person would exercise in comparable circumstances; and

b) To take such measures as necessary to ensure that the corporation complies with all requirements of the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007.

The members of the Committee of Management also have a duty under s. 24 to report their suspicion to the Director of: improper or incompetent treatment or care of a resident that resulted in harm or a risk of harm to the resident; abuse of a resident by anyone or neglect of a resident by the licensee or staff that resulted in harm or a risk of harm to the resident; unlawful conduct that resulted in harm or a risk of harm to a resident; misuse or misappropriation of a resident's money; misuse or misappropriation of funding provided to a licensee under the Act or the Local Health System Integration Act, 2006.

In fulfilling its duties, the Committee of Management may wish to:

  • receive reports from the General Manager of Community Services with respect to administration of the Dearness Home and the fulfillment of the duties and obligations under the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007.

The fundamental principle to be applied in the interpretation of the Act and anything required or permitted under the Act is that a long-term care home is primarily the home of its residents and is to be operated so that it is a place where they may live with dignity and in security, safety and comfort and have their physical, psychological, social, spiritual and cultural needs adequately met.

Staff Resources

The Clerk will provide administrative support to the Committee of Management. The Clerk shall carry out any duties to implement the Committee of Management's decisions.

Members will not receive remuneration.

Meeting Procedures

Meetings of the Committee shall be covered by the Council Procedure By-law, Legislation.

The City's web site will be used to communicate the meeting notices and agendas.

Closed Meetings

Meetings of the Committee will be conducted in public subject to the need to meet in closed session for purposes authorized by section 239 of the Municipal Act, 2001.

Location of Meetings

All meetings will be generally held at City Hall.



The personal information contained in communications directed to City Council and its Standing and Advisory Committees is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, 2001 as amended and will be used to assist Council and Committee Members in their deliberations. Questions about this collection should be addressed to the Manager, Records and Information Services, 300 Dufferin Avenue, London, ON N6A 4L9 or by telephone 519-661-CITY (2489) ext. 5590.

Communications addressed to City Council and to its Standing and Advisory Committees become part of the public record and will be published on a public agenda and made available electronically through the City of London public internet website. The City will not accept anonymous communications sent to Council or to its Committees.

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