Boards and Commissions


About City of London Boards and Commissions

City of London’s Boards and Commissions provide specific and/or specialized service to the London community.

A Board or Commission is an independent body consisting of members of which some or all are appointed by Municipal Council.

A Board or Commission is established through legislation that specifically addresses how the leadership structure is to be organized.  The majority of appointments are open to the general public, but it should be noted that the enabling legislation sometimes requires certain positions to be filled by public servants or representatives of a particular professional body. Members are appointed for a term coinciding with that of the appointing Council, except unless otherwise dictated by legislation or there is a desire or requirement for staggered terms.

  • Covent Garden Market

  • Eldon House

  • Greater London International Airport Authority

  • Kettle Creek Conservation Authority

  • London and Middlesex Community Housing Inc.

  • London Hydro

  • London Police Services

  • London Public Library

  • London Transit Commission

  • Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority

  • Middlesex-London Health Unit

  • Museum London

  • RBC Place London

  • Tourism London

  • Upper Thames River Conservation Authority


Last modified:Thursday, September 28, 2023