Environmental programs and initiatives

The City of London engages residents and businesses with several environmental initiatives supporting our Climate Emergency Action Plan and helping Londoners reduce their environmental impact. 


The CityGreen program helps Londoners make ‘greener choices’ and shares stories and information about how London is responding to climate change.

CityGreen newsletter

The CityGreen newsletter provides helpful tips and reminders of the initiatives, projects and programs available to Londoners taking climate action. It is delivered by-monthly to residents through the mail inside of your London Hydro bill.

CityGreen display at events

A CityGreen display and tent at a festival in Victoria Park.

The City organizes a hands-on CityGreen display for Londoners to visit at events such as the Lifestyle Home Show, Go Wild Grow Wild, Seedy Saturday, and at summer festivals in Victoria Park. Information about climate change, reducing waste, water conservation, and other City-led projects and programs are available at this display.

If you would like to request a copy of the CityGreen newsletter, or display educational material at your event, email ecotips@london.ca

View past copies of the CityGreen newsletter

Measuring our impact

The City of London continues to provide Londoners with the latest information on local greenhouse gas emissions, the expected impacts of climate change, and London's progress.  

Measure your own carbon footprint with Project Neutral

The first step you can take is to measure your household's carbon footprint. More than 1,000 London households have already used Project Neutral’s carbon calculator to create a personalized action plan, and start making a positive impact. Discover your carbon footprint in five minutes and better understand your climate impact.

Project Neutral

Community energy use and greenhouse gas emissions  

The City measures the community's progress through the annual Community Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory. London's total greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 were 30 percent lower than they were in 2005.  

On average, Londoners spent about $1.5 billion on energy in recent years. Every percentage that Londoners reduce their energy use results in around $13 million staying in London. Through conservation, efficiency, and more local energy production, more of this money can be kept in London.  

Community Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory - Executive Summary

Corporate energy conservation and demand 

The City measures the community's progress through the annual Corporate Energy Consumption and Activities Report. In 2020, corporate energy-related greenhouse gas emissions were 61% below what they were in 2007. 

Corporate Energy Consumption and Activities Report - Executive Summary

More information and data can be found on the City of London's Open Data public platform.

City of London Open Data

Creeks and Thames River water quality

The Thames River water quality is sampled on a regular basis as part of a monitoring program at 10 locations.  Monitoring is also conducted on a number of creeks in the City of London on a monthly basis.

Water quality in the Thames River has improved significantly since river monitoring was initiated in 1963, but there is still work to do.  Residents can help by making sure that only rain goes down the drain outside, and our catchbasins stay free and clear of chemicals and waste. 

For more information or to request a copy of the Thames River Water Quality Summary, please contact Tony Van Rossum at tvanross@london.ca, or call 519-661-2489 x 5701

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Last modified:Friday, April 05, 2024