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Stay up to date on the latest news and topics of interest for the immigrant community in London and Middlesex County by reading our bi-weekly blog.

  • Matter of Facts

"Matter of Facts" is a project by the LMLIP’s Fact Sharing Work Group focusing on researching immigration trends in London and Middlesex County. Its purpose is to better understand our local population and to counteract common misconceptions about immigrants and immigration. Discover what the figures tell us.

  • Indigenous education sessions

Information sessions are coordinated with Indigenous presenters to increase immigrants’ knowledge of Indigenous history and culture. 

  • All Are Welcome Here event

"All Are Welcome Here" is an annual event held in recognition of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The event brings together the community to discuss and develop strategies to address discrimination against immigrants and facilitate integration.

  • Setting Immigrants Up for Success 

Recognizing that faith groups are often the first point of contact for new immigrants, the annual ‘Setting Immigrants Up for Success’ event started in 2018 to bring together faith groups and settlement agencies. The event aims to provide faith groups with resources that help their members in their settlement journey in London and Middlesex.

  • I Am London

I am London is a social media campaign that showcases diversity and celebrates successful immigrants who have chosen to call London their home while addressing misconceptions about newcomers. Read all our stories.

  • Settlement Brochures

The following brochures available in English and French provide an overview of settlement organizations in London and Middlesex and the free services offered for immigrants.

  • Health and Mental Health Resources 

Navigating physical and mental health care in a new country can be difficult for newcomers. The following two guides provide information on local services and how to access them:

Mental Health Guide

Guide to Healthcare Services

You can also watch our video “I'm a Londoner and I'm not alone.” It was developed by the LMLIP Health & Wellbeing Sub-council in partnership with Western’s Community Engaged Learning program under the guidance of Stefan Sago. It aims to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness, while raising awareness of the diverse mental wellness issues faced by immigrants in our community.

  • Housing and Tenants Education 

The objective of this group is to inform immigrant tenants of their rights and responsibilities, while building understanding between landlords and their immigrant tenants. The group has created resources including the following video, translated in various languages with tips for first-time renters. 

English video

French video

Arabic video

Spanish video

  • Civic Engagement Handbook

The Civic Engagement Handbook, adapted from, “Civic Engagement for Immigrant Women” produced by Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association, provides immigrants with information on how to become involved in the community and decision-making processes. 

  • Zero Tolerance Posters

The LMLIP in-depth report on cases of discrimination in London-Middlesex showed that racialized employees, especially in service settings, are more likely to experience discrimination from clients than their non-racialized colleagues. Based on these findings, the LMLIP Employment Sub-council created Zero Tolerance posters for employers to use on their premises. The posters encourage respect for employees while discouraging abusive behavior. Employers may download the free posters in English or French and add their logo to the bottom left alongside the LMLIP logo and tag line before printing. This can then be showcased at businesses’ receptions or checkout counters. 

  • Leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic

A number of immigrants continued to support and help at a time when the whole community was restricted in their movements when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Read the inspiring stories of immigrants who volunteered or worked on the front lines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Immigrants in Action – English

Immigrants in Actions – French

  • Immigrant Survey Report

Our first Immigrant Survey will be released in spring 2024 to measure the impact of the work of LMLIP among immigrants. Stay tuned!

  • Community Strategic Plan

The three-year LMLIP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 has been endorsed by the community. It is designed to support immigrants and guide the work of LMLIP for the period 2022-2025. The plan is developed by the LMLIP Central Council, five Sub-councils in consultation with the community at large. 

LMLIP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 – English

LMLIP Strategic Plan 2022-2025 – French

  • Capacity and Inventory Reports

The purpose of this report is to develop profiles of organizations in the community and the services they provide, their relationships with other organizations, future planning, and evaluation of outcomes to better support the integration of newcomers in the community. 

LMLIP Community Capacity and Perceptions Report 2022 – English

LMLIP Community Capacity and Perceptions Report 2022 – French

  • Anti-Racism Reports

Report on Experiences of Discrimination in London-Middlesex

The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) along with seven other local immigration partnerships conducted surveys on discrimination experienced among Indigenous Peoples, Immigrants and Visible Minorities and others in London-Middlesex over the last three years. The study was commissioned by the LMLIP and was conducted by researchers at Western University’s Network for Economic and Social Trends.

Report on Experiences of Discrimination in London-Middlesex

In-Depth Report on Cases of Discrimination in London-Middlesex and Strategies to Combat it 

A follow-up to our first report on Experiences of Discrimination in London-Middlesex, this LMLIP-commissioned study looks at specific cases of discrimination faced by immigrants and racialized individuals living in the London region. Researchers with Western University’s Network for Economic and Social Trends also propose some strategies to address discrimination and improve the integration of newcomers in our community.

In-Depth Look at Discrimination in London-MIddlesex - English

In-Depth Look at Discrimination in London-Middlesex - French 

In-Depth Look at Discrimination in London-Middlesex - (Accessible)

  • Bystander Tip Sheet

This Tip Sheet is to support the community in combating discrimination in all its forms. Learn how to assist people who are harassed based on their race, ethnicity, and religion, while considering the safety of all parties using the following bystander intervention tips.

Tip Sheet 

  • Toolkits

The LMLIP is working on developing new kits to educate the community and help reduce discrimination toward immigrants.



Last modified:Tuesday, May 28, 2024