Transportation in London, Ontario

Man waiting for a bus

While London may be a mid-sized city in terms of population, it’s very large when it comes to actual space. As a result, there are a number of ways that Londoners can choose to get around town.

London is increasingly focused on multi-modal transportation -- that is, ensuring that whether you choose to walk, ride a bike, take a bus, or drive yourself around town, that there are safe and efficient ways for you to do so.


Public Transportation

The London Transit Commission (LTC) offers a variety of public transportation options, the largest of which is its fleet of buses. 

There are dozens of buses that connect all points of the city. Schedules change in the evenings and on weekends, so we encourage you to visit the LTC website for updated information.

The LTC also offers specialized transit options for those who have accessibility challenges, including physical disabilities. 


Bikes & Cycling

A bike rack at Western University is full of bicycles locked to the rack.

On a nice day, there are few things better than getting on your bike and riding around London. The City has increased its commitment to providing dedicated bike lanes throughout the city, and there is an incredible system of connected pathways known as the Thames Valley Parkway, which is part of a system of over 190 kilometres of pathways that connect all corners of London.

Many businesses and community centres throughout the city also provide places to park and lock bikes.



Back in 2013, the City of London received recognition as a WALK Friendly Community for overall walkability. This differs from community to community, but most of our neighbourhoods offer convenient walking opportunities whether you’re looking to go for a stroll with your family, or you need to pick up some groceries.


Vehicles for Hire

There are a few options for renting a vehicle in London, including both traditional taxicabs and online services like Uber. These are private services that are not offered specifically by the City, but are regulated by local bylaws.


Long-Distance Transportation

London is located right in the heart of the busy Windsor-Quebec City corridor. That means you have a number of options for travel throughout Canada and abroad from London.

London International Airport

These options include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Travel -- The London International Airport offers daily flights throughout Canada, the U.S., and select international destinations.
  • Train Travel -- Via Rail is Canada’s national passenger rail service that runs multiple trains each day to destinations throughout Canada. It has a station in the heart of downtown London.
  • Bus Travel -- There is a Greyhound Bus depot in the downtown core that offers daily passenger bus travel to destinations throughout Ontario and select destinations outside the province.
Last modified:Monday, April 15, 2024