Cultural and Religious Communities in London, Ontario

London benefits from a diverse community both in terms of ethnocultural background and religious diversity. As more newcomers join the city, that diversity will only grow.

In addition to the settlement services that are available, newcomers may want to reach out to various community groups or religious organizations that are familiar to them. These groups often provide a wonderful complement to the settlement services in helping newcomers better integrate into their new communities. Many people in these groups have gone through the process of immigrating to London themselves, and can provide you with support and information.

Ethnocultural Organizations

Information London provides a list of “organizations which facilitate cultural unity and development for ethnic, language, and visible minorities.” These groups may be helpful to your transition to your new community and you can reach out to them at your convenience.
You can access a list of ethnocultural groups on the Information London website. Please note that we cannot guarantee the Information London site is completely up-to-date. For additional support, please contact

Religious Organizations 

In London, as in the rest of Canada, religious rights of every individual are respected. London has a large community of different religious groups including, but not limited to: Baha’i, Buddhist, Christianity, First Nations/Inuit/Metis, Hindu, Judaism, Islam, and Sikhism.

As per the Ontario Human Rights Commission, under the Ontario Human Rights Code, discrimination because of religion (creed) is against the law. 

“Religion includes the practices, beliefs and observances that are part of a faith or religion. It does not include personal moral, ethical or political views. Nor does it include religions that promote violence or hate towards others, or that violate criminal law.

Protection against discrimination applies in the following areas:

  • Employment, including job applications, interviews, employment benefits, working conditions, and promotions;
  • Housing, including rental housing, hotels, commercial properties, and buying or selling a house;
  • Services, goods and facilities, including education, hospitals and health services, stores and restaurants, government programs, and public places and facilities;
  • Contracts, such as for buying or selling goods or services;
  • Unions, professional associations, and other vocational associations.

It doesn't matter whether or not discrimination is intentional: it is the effect of the behaviour that is important.”
For more information about your religious rights, please visit the Ontario Human Rights Commissions’ Religious Rights page.

Places of Worship

There are a number of places of worship throughout London and Middlesex County. The Chaplains’ office at Western University curates a list of locations. If you’re interested in finding a place of worship that aligns with your faith, please visit the chaplains’ listing of opportunities for worship

Last modified:Thursday, October 08, 2020