Setting Up Utilities in London, Ontario

What are Utilities? 

When you move to London, Ontario or Middlesex County, you may be required to set up accounts for some essential utilities like hydro (electricity), gas, and water. There are also other services, such as cellular phones, Internet, and cable television, of which you may be interested. If you are renting, check with your landlord and your rental agreement to determine if you will need to set up utilities or if they will be provided.

Hydro (Electricity)

Hydro (electricity) services in London are provided by London Hydro. bill. If you are located outside of the city in surrounding Middlesex County, your new residence may be serviced by Hydro One instead. To set up a new account, please visit the corresponding website.

Please note that if your house has an electric heating system, this will have an impact on your monthly bill. 


Natural gas in both London and Middlesex County is provided by Enbridge Gas, Inc. If your new residence requires natural gas for heating or other purposes, you will need to contact Enbridge Gas, Inc. to set up an account.

Telecommunications (Cellular phones, cable, Internet, TV)

There are a few options for cellular phones, cable or satellite television, or internet service, depending upon where you live.

Bell Canada and Rogers Communications are the largest providers of these services and are responsible for much of the infrastructure in the region. Other companies available for Internet in London and Middlesex include Start and TekSavvy. There are also companies like Telus, Virgin, and various discount carriers for cellular phones.

We strongly recommend that you do research in advance to find out the right carrier, service, and plan to meet your needs.


Residents of London, Ontario receive one bill for their water and hydro services, which means that you can set up your water and hydro service account together. To set up a new account, please visit the London Hydro website.

Water services may be covered under a rental agreement in some cases, so be sure to check with your landlord to determine your needs. For more information on your water bill and customer assistance programs available, please visit the Water and Environment section of the City of London website

Water Heaters, Air Conditioning & Furnaces

In some cases, you may be responsible for renting a water heater, or you may want to rent or purchase an air conditioning unit or furnace for your home. Reliance Home Comfort or Enercare are both providers for London and Middlesex County.

Last modified:Monday, June 26, 2023