CityMap will help you find addresses, streets, and city places of interest such as libraries, community centres, and parks and recreation facilities. 

Our Map Gallery provides a selection of popular map layers and themes.

Map gallery

City Map

Quick Tips:

  • To obtain property information such as the roll number and legal description, just zoom in and click the parcel.  A popup dialogue will appear with a hyperlink to more detail about the property.
  • Use your mouse-wheel to zoom in and out on the map on a desktop browser. On a tablet or smartphone, use your fingers to squeeze or stretch the map .  Tap the map with a finger to retrieve property information.
  • If there are multiple map layers or features active where you clicked, use the arrow symbol on the Identify popup dialogue to page through the available map layers.  You'll see (1 of 2) or similar text on the banner at the top of the popup dialogue.
  • The pop-up blocker needs to be turned off in your browser for certain CityMap functions to work properly.


Last modified:Tuesday, June 18, 2024