Commercial fitness activities in City parks

The City of London's Commercial Fitness Activities in City Parks program is aimed at ensuring Londoners are able to enjoy privately run outdoor fitness programs in a safe and convenient manner. Whether it's yoga in the park, a stroller-fit program or a high intensity boot camp, the information below provides individuals and business owners the details regarding the program.

Under this program, individuals or businesses pay an hourly fee of $28.60 plus HST, and are permitted to run their outdoor fitness program at a specific City park. In addition to the hourly fee, individuals or businesses must provide proof of $2 million liability insurance coverage or purchase coverage through Parks and Recreation Customer Service. Tariffs may also apply for the use of recorded music.

  • Individuals or businesses can book a maximum of 2 one-hour sessions per day across all City Parks.
  • Advertising or signage is not permitted to be posted anywhere in the park before, during or after your permitted time.
  • Sessions cannot exceed 25 people at any point in time (inclusive of the instructor).
  • Booking through this process permits use of the specified park at a particular date and time but it does not guarantee exclusive use of a particular area of the park (for example, trails, hills, open areas).
  • Please be aware of your noise level when running these programs in any park so that everyone is able to enjoy the space. Consider running these programs away from park space that backs directly onto nearby homes and adhering to noise bylaws if you plan on using music.
  • All permit holders must adhere to the stipulations outlined in the City of London Parks and Recreation Area Bylaw (PR-2). This includes obtaining the above mentioned permit in order to operate a fitness program in a City park. Individuals or businesses found to be operating programs without the proper permit will be in contravention of the bylaw and may be ticketed or fined accordingly.

Interested in finding out more or ready to book? Contact Parks and Recreation Customer Service at 519-661-5575 or

Last modified:Tuesday, June 18, 2024