Dearness Home

Compassionate people enriching the lives of others. Always.

Dearness Home, the City of London’s owned and operated long-term care home, continues to meet the physical, mental and emotional needs of the residents who live at the home. Staffed with knowledgeable and compassionate men and women, Dearness Home is a place where you can be sure your loved ones are treated like family.

Situated on 57 acres of mature trees and gardens, and adjacent to the Westminister Ponds Conservation Area, residents can enjoy several walking paths and outdoor gazebo. 

Inside the fully air conditioned home, each resident’s room is freshly painted prior to moving in, has plenty of storage for both personal items and electronics, as well as an electric bed and individual room thermostat to ensure optimal comfort. Laundry and linen services, along with daily housekeeping are a few of the services provided to residents at Dearness Home. Our administration staff is here to help residents and their families with admission and discharges and any special requests.

When a resident comes to Dearness Home they can expect to enjoy nutritious meals prepared by our experienced certified cooks and dietary staff.  Residents will also meet with the in-house Registered Dietitian who will assist in developing a plan of care, along with the resident, their family and our dedicated multidisciplinary team members.  Our Registered Dietitian and Food Service Management Teams are available to answer all your nutrition related concerns.

Dearness Home offers a variety of client-centered programs and services designed to support and engage residents.  

Dearness Adult Day Program

The Dearness Adult Day Program offers a welcoming, client-centered program designed to support and engage individuals who may need assistance with physical frailty, disability or chronic illness.  Many clients of the Dearness Adult Day Program live with caregivers who are working, others with caregivers who need some relief or live independently but enjoy an opportunity to socialize and participate in activities such as:

•    Specialized Therapies such as Pet, Music and Art; •    Exercise Programs and Snoezelen Therapy; •    Discussion Groups; •    Games (Wii)/Baking/Trivia; •    Musical Entertainment & Theme Days and •    Wi Fi & Computer training.

Organized by qualified staff and assisted by our registered volunteers, the Dearness Adult Day Program is open Monday to Friday. The program fee includes assistance with personal care, all recreational programming, lunch as well as transportation to and from the program. Additional services such as whirlpool bath and foot care can be accessed at the program.

Visit here for more information on space availability and fee schedule for the program.

Recreation and Therapy Services

Dearness Home’s Recreation Professionals strive to encompass a holistic approach and to provide opportunities to meet the needs of each resident through meaningful programs and therapies. Thanks to student and volunteer supports, we are able to help enable our residents to find success in their recreation and leisure pursuits.

Recreation and Leisure programs include:

  • Special Therapies (Music, Pet)
  • Exercise Groups
  • Community Programs (Bowling, Shopping, Dining)
  • Inter-generational Programs
  • One-to-One visits
  • Men’s Groups (Games, Breakfast Club)
  • Knitting Club
  • Horticulture
  • Discussion Groups
  • Bingo/Games
  • Spiritual Programs
  • Pampering Hands
  • Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

Along with the many diverse programs the recreation team provides, residents have the opportunity to partake in a variety of additional social and interactive activities including:

  • Meditation Room:  A peaceful place of calmness where residents, family or family can have a quiet moment any time of day.
  • Cozy Corner Library:  Residents can use this space to access many forms of library      and media resources.
  • Dearness Pub:  Open every Saturday, and one afternoon a month, this is a welcoming place where residents can bring family and friends to enjoy music, laughter and a beverage.
  • Dearness Home Theatre: Open two Thursday's a month for Oscar Night
  • Special Dinner Events:  Themed dinners designed for our residents to host and celebrate special occasions with family and friends.
  • Family Party Room:  Available for residents to host family get-togethers. Contact Manager of Community Life(can we make the Manger of Community Life an email link) to make reservations.
  • Youth Evening:  For the young and the young at heart! Residents enjoy a DVD concert night in the Dearness Home Theatre. This takes place once a month.
  • Snoezelen Room:  Used for either a stimulating or relaxing  moment, this multi-sensory environment to help reduce anxiety and agitation with calming music, visual vibrancy, aromatherapy and more.

Community Partners

Dearness Home is fortunate to work with many community partners. Learn more about these partners below:

Alzheimer Society

Boys & Girls Club of London

Fanshawe College

Java Music Club

London Public Library


Ontario Early Years Education Centre

Therapeutic Recreation Ontario

University of Western Ontario


Social Work and Support

Social Work at Dearness Home includes advocacy on behalf of the resident and their family. It focuses on the social and emotional impact of physical and/or mental impairment, preservation and enhancement of physical and social functioning, and the promotion of physical and mental health. Dearness Home works on the theory of building upon existing strengths, enhancing adaptations and modifying risks that interfere with optimal quality of life.

The social work team is here to help residents and their families by providing support and guidance through admissions and adjustment to Dearness as well as developing, with other members of the Dearness Home team, a plan of care – to name a few.  The team is here to help answer any of your questions and looks forward to working with the resident and their family to live life at Dearness to the fullest.

Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care is an important and meaningful part in Dearness Home residents’ lives.  Dearness Home is very fortunate to have the support and involvement of our local faith groups/churches who regularly volunteer and help maintain meaningful linkages for our residents to their own faith groups. In addition to our spiritual care volunteers we are pleased to have a non-denominational Chaplain at Dearness.  Our Chaplain coordinates our spiritual resources, programs and volunteers as well as being a vital member of both our Palliative Care Committee and our Diversity Committee.

Spiritual Care Programs Include:

  • Sunday Worship Services
  • Hymn Sings
  • Bible Studies
  • Individual Visitation by Faith Groups, Volunteers and Chaplain
  • Home Area Worship Services by local Faith Groups
  • Active Spiritual Care Committee
  • Palliative and Bereavement Support
  • Caregiver Support Group
  • On-Call List of Local Clergy as may be requested
  • Roman Catholic Mass and Communion
  • Praying the Rosary
  • Non-Denominational Communion
  • Special Events on Holidays
  • Quiet Room
  • Memorial Services
  • Fellowship Groups 
Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers at Dearness Home are an important part of our care team and in such, we as that volunteers commit to our residents a minimum of one hour per week for at least six months.

Volunteers can work with residents in a number of ways:

  • Assisting in Resident-focused programs, providing leadership and organization.
  • Share your musical talents by providing entertainment.
  • Visiting with residents who need one to one and small group interactions.
  • Palliative Care volunteer positions are available. (Palliative Care training would be an asset).
  • Assisting with special events and monthly theme programs.
  • Assisting with special projects.
  • Accompanying residents on outings from the Home.
  • Fundraising events.  Be a member of our Dearness Home Auxiliary.
  • Specialized training offered - SMART Serve.
  • Specialized training offered - Palliative Care.

Please reach out to the Dearness Home Volunteer Coordinator for more information.

Covid-19 Information

The City of London is committed to doing everything possible to slow the spread of COVID-19 and ensure the delivery of vital City services. The health and safety of all Londoners is our top priority during these unprecedented times. Many services and programs have resumed in an altered format and some facilities have re-opened within COVID-19 provincial regulations and public health guidelines. If you have any concerns, please reach out to the team at 519-661-0400.

Dearness Home Covid-19 Outbreak Status

For more information on Covid-19, you can visit the Outbreak Status Report provided by the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

Important Covid-19 Updates:

Absences and Social Gatherings - Snapshot

Take a look at "Absences and Social Gatherings Snapshot" , to learn the requirements for residents and visitors regarding immunization.

Visits during the Pandemic
Which Visit is Best for Me?

Dearness Home recognizes that being able to connect with friends and family is essential to a resident’s emotional health and well-being. We are committed to making visits happen, however; we are also committed to maintaining a safe environment for the people who live at Dearness Home and to following the direction of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Due to demand and limited capacity, residents may have a total of one scheduled visit per week from family members or friends. This can be either a “Virtual Visit”, “Window Visit”, “Outdoor Visit” or an “Indoor Visit”. 

Please Note: The only visit type that does not require a scheduled time is the Essential Caregiver (EC). Essential Caregivers, who will not be permitted into the Home until they have received in-person education, are seen as essential because they will provide direct care for Dearness Home residents. 

The health and safety of our residents is our top priority, which is why there is no package exchanges or food sharing during any visits. Please help us keep your loved one and you safe by following the visit guidelines. It is important to note that if these guidelines are not followed by a visitor, visiting privileges can be suspended.

If you have any questions about this information or would like to schedule a visit, please email the team or reach out via phone at 519-661-0400 x 8273.

Visitor Information for Virtual or Window Visits

If you would like to schedule a visit, please email:  or call 519-661-0400 x 8273.

Visitor Information for Virtual or Window Visits

Visitor Information for Outdoor Visit

Dearness Home's top priority is the health and safety of it's residents and staff. If you are planning an in-person meeting, please read the Visitor Information for Outdoor Visit document to ensure you are approved to visit Dearness Home during COVID-19.

Visitor Information for Inside Visit

Dearness Home's top priority is the health and safety of it's residents and staff. If you are planning an in-person meeting, please read the Visitor Information for Inside Visit document to ensure you are approved to visit Dearness Home during COVID-19.


Essential Caregiver Information Package and Guidelines

The government has decided that a limited number of people designated by the resident, if if they are incapable, their Power of Attorney (POA) or substitute decision maker (SDM), may be allowed into the long-term care Home as Essential Caregivers. These Caregivers must be at least 18 years of age. They may be a family member or a privately hired Caregiver, a paid companion or a translator.

Such Caregivers, who will not be permitted into the Home until receiving in-person education, are seen as essential because they will provide direct care for Dearness Home residents. Care in the way of eating, mobility, personal hygiene, cognitive stimulation, communication, connections, relational continuity and/or assistance with decision making.

It is important to note that a maximum of two Caregivers may be designated per resident, however; at Dearness Home, due to safety issues, only one Caregiver per resident should be in the Home at one time.

COVID-19 can be fatal for those who live in long-term care, experience elsewhere shows as many as 50% of those infected die, so keeping COVID-19 out of Dearness Home is extremely important. Caregivers will be required to respect and practice the infection control measures put in place to keep Dearness Home residents and staff safe. To help ensure this, before Caregivers come in to the Home to provide care they will receive approximately one hour of in-person education on infection control practices, which includes how to safely put personal protective equipment on and take it off.

If you are the POA or SDM for care, please speak with your loved-one in the Home and your family to decide if you want to designate Caregivers.  If so, decide who the Caregiver(s) will be and then please contact Cheryl Gilmour, Manager Community Life by email or by phone 519-661-0400 x8271 to work with you to arrange a mutually agreed upon training time.

Please Note: Only the resident or the POA/SDM for care can designate a Caregiver.

Full Essential Caregiver Information Package and Guideline Document.

Visitor Policy and Procedures for Pandemic

The Dearness Home will provide an organized process to ensure a safe environment for visits that follows provincially mandated direction and Public Health infection controls protocols. Please read the policy and guideline documents below. Please reach out if you have any questions to the Dearness Home staff at 519-661-0400 ext 8262.

Dearness Home Visit Policy and Procedure


Rapid Testing

Rapid Testing for Essential Caregivers will begin at Dearness Home as of April 6, 2021.

Please read the full memo regarding procedures around rapid testing - Rapid Testing for Essential Caregivers.


Residents Leaving the Home - Short Stay, Temporary and Medical Absences

Please read the following document to find all the information needed to arrange a short stay, temporary or medical absence from Dearness Home.

Residents Leaving and Returning to Dearness Home.

Resident Services

Walking Program:     Recreation staff will begin to provide guided walking tours for residents as of Monday, March 29, 2021.



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