Adelaide Street North Underpass

The City is planning to reconstruct Adelaide Street from Central Avenue to McMahen Street. This will include an underpass beneath the CP Rail tracks, nearby intersection improvements and active transportation connections with wide multi-use paths added on both sides of the roadway.

The new street design will enhance the pedestrian and biking environment, improve safety, reduce traffic back-ups due to trains and improve access to transit. It is being designed to improve route reliability, efficiency and safety for everyone crossing the railway.

The City is planning to maintain two lanes of traffic during most of the construction period through a road detour to the east of Adelaide Street.

This project has received funding commitments from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to support 10 transit and transit-supportive projects.

A rendering of Adelaide Street looking south
A rendering of the Adelaide Street underpass looking south

Project update

The City hosted an online public engagement meeting in April 2021 to provide an update on the project and present the latest designs. 

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The location

Construction will take place along Adelaide Street North from Elias Street to 80m North of McMahen Street, as well as Central Avenue from William Street to Elizabeth Street and sections of the other side streets.

A map of the Adelaide Street project area. For more information, please contact Jiten Patel at or by calling 519-661-2489 x 5013

The work

This project will:

  • demolish the gas station at 595 Adelaide Street
  • relocate utilities
  • replace existing underground infrastructure
  • install a new pump station for storm water runoff
  • realign CP Rail tracks

The benefits

Construction will result in:

  • increased safety and efficiency of the Adelaide Street and Central Avenue intersection
  • new sewer infrastructure and a new utility corridor which will eliminate disruptive maintenance repairs
  • enhanced street lighting that will improve accessibility and overall street safety
  • the new McMahen Park entrance being elevated above Adelaide Street and separated from traffic
  • the addition of more trees that will create a more intimate park setting
  • the underpass easing traffic congestion and eliminating vehicle idling during train crossings
  • a decrease in cut-through traffic on adjacent neighbourhood streets.
  • the underpass, the cycling lane connection on Central Avenue and the proposed East London Link rapid transit route working together to improve the reliability of transit
  • a separated multi-use path along Adelaide Street which will include a cycling lane connection to the existing bike route on Central Avenue
  • a new multi-use path that will increase pedestrian safety by eliminating the need to cross the rail tracks
A rendering of McMahen Park looking north from the CP tracks
A rendering of McMahen Park along Adelaide Street looking north from the CP rail tracks. 


Construction is planned to take place between 2022 and 2024 with finishing touches in 2025. 

Necessary advance construction work was completed in 2020 and 2021 to accommodate the main project construction scheduled for spring/summer 2022.

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Advance construction work to be completed:

  • building demolition at 595 Adelaide Street (complete)
  • utility relocations (ongoing)
  • CP Rail track realignment work (complete)
  • tree removal (complete)
Last modified:Monday, December 13, 2021