Swimming pool fence and enclosure regulations

Every swimming pool, as defined by the by-law, is required to be completely enclosed by a gated fence. Whether the fence is new or existing, a permit is required before the swimming pool can be installed.

Review the Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5 and Fence By-law PS-6 before applying for your permit.

Swimming pool fence permit

The Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5 regulates the construction of the pool fence and stipulates when a permit is required.

Section 4.25 of the Zoning By-law regulates where a pool and associated equipment may be located on your property, and provides guidance for you and your contractor regarding how to plan the pool itself.  Always consider the planning of the pool and the necessary fencing at the same time.  Don't forget diving boards, change rooms, cabanas, decks, pumps, and filters as part of your permit application. Always include those details when planning your new pool and applying for your pool fence permit as their locations are regulated by the Zoning By-law as well.

The Fence By-law PS-6 regulates non-pool fences and pool fences that exceed the minimum requirements of Swimming Pool Fence By-law PS-5.

Applying for a Pool Fence Permit during COVID-19

Due to the recent COVID-19 City Hall closure, Development and Compliance Services has suspended the intake and review of hardcopy (paper copy) Swimming Pool Fence Permit Applications. 

Digital applications can be submitted by email  to zoning@london.ca using the subject line:

"Municipal Address" - Swimming Pool Fence Permit Application

(e.g. 123 Fourth Street - Swimming Pool Fence Permit Application)

Documentation needed to apply for a pool fence permit
  1. The application form - please ensure it is complete and legible.
  2. A site plan, including: pool location with measurements from all property lines; fence location and type; gate location and type; pool equipment location with measurements from all property lines; dwelling location; garage and any doors leading to a fenced area; and labelled property lines.
  3. A letter of Undertaking of Damage to City Property.
  4. Fence Details sheet.
  5. For swimming pools located all or partially in ground, a pool grading and drainage plan approved by a Professional Engineer, Ontario Land Surveyor, Architect, Landscape Architect, or drainage contractor licensed in the Province of Ontario, showing compliance with zoning by-law minimum set-back requirements, and showing that drainage to neighbouring properties is not affected.
  6. Other required approvals (e.g. conservation authority, utility companies, etc.)

All documents must be provided as individual .pdf files and must be clearly named. (e.g. Site Plan, Letter of Undertaking, Fence Detail Form, Permit Application)

All digital application packages are reviewed upon submission and delays may occur if the application package is incomplete.  

Payment instructions will be emailed when the permit is ready for issuance .


Other important considerations
New homes and subdivisions

For new subdivision, always check to make sure your subdivision has been assumed by the City of London before constructing a pool.  Newer neighbourhoods make use of swales and catch basins to direct water away from the property, and constructing a pool without considering overland flows, or consulting your lot grading plan, may prove very costly.  Premature installation, or changing the way water flows across your lot, may require costly re-engineering of your, and neighbouring properties, or could even lead to the removal of the pool at your expense.

Older homes and existing pools

Make sure any pool and its requisite fence has a current permit and has been inspected. It is your responsibility to ensure compliance.  If you make changes to an existing fence, you may require a new permit. 

Mandatory inspection

After your fence has been constructed, call 519-661-4660 to arrange for a mandatory inspection by a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer. The inspection must be completed before the pool is filled with water.


Frequently asked questions


What is the application fee?

As of September 18, 2018, a swimming pool fence permit fee is $200 or $12.50 for every $1,000 of reported construction value - whichever is greater.

What is the minimum setback from the property line to the swimming pool?

The interior wall of the swimming pool cannot be closer than 4.9 feet to the property line (as set out in the Zoning By-law Z.1(4.25 - Swimming Pools))

Does my fence need a gate?

A gate is not mandatory, however, the swimming pool must be completely enclosed with a fence.  Any gate associated with a swimming pool fence or other form of access to the enclosed swimming pool must be self-closing and self-latching.

Does my deck or pool shed require a separate permit?

A shed or deck may require a separate permit depending on the size or height.  Please contact the Building Division at 519-661-4555.



Last modified:Friday, April 12, 2024