Zoning By-law No. Z.-1

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Zoning By-laws regulate how land and buildings are used, the location of buildings, lot coverage, building heights, and other provisions necessary to ensure proper development.

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Table of Contents

Section   1 - Administration/Enforcement and Interpretation:

  1. Short Title

  2. Compliance with Zoning By-law 

  3. Non-Conforming Uses

  4. Enforcement

  5. Compliance with Other Restrictions

  6. Severability Provisions

  7. Gender and Number

  8. Use and Occupy

  9. Measurements

  10. Examples and Illustrations

  11. Repeal of Existing By-laws 

  12. Effective Date

Section   2 - Definitions

Section   3 - Zones and Symbols:

  1. Establishment of Zones

  2. Schedules and Tables   

  3. Zone Symbols and Provisions

  4. Density “D”

  5. Private Road “PR” 

  6. Height “H”

  7. Bonusing “B” 

  8. Holding “h” Zones

  9. Compound Zones and Multiple Zones

  10. Determining Zone Boundaries

  11. Map Details

  12. Interpretation of Use

Section   4 - General Provisions:

     0.   Application of General Provisions

  1. Accessory Uses          

  2. Access Regulations

  3. Heritage Building Designation Bonus - Floor Area and Dwelling Unit Density Bonus           

  4. Building Additions         

  5. Temporary Structures                  

    1. Construction Use

    2. Model Homes

  6. Dwelling Units

  7. Foster Homes

  8. Group Homes  

  9. Height Exemption

  10. Home Occupation

  11. Household Sales

  12. Landscaped Open Space

  13. Loading Space Requirements

  14. Lots Reduced by Public Acquisition

  15. Municipal Services Requirements

  16. Existing Uses Continued

  17. Open Storage  

  18. Outdoor Patio Associated with a Restaurant                                           

  19. Parking

  20. Public Uses   

  21. Road Allowance Requirements - Specific Roads

  22. Lodging Houses

  23. Setback/Front Yard Exemption in Built-Up Residential Areas

  24. Sight Triangle

  25. Swimming Pools 

  26. Uses Permitted in Listed Zones

  27. Yard Encroachments Permitted

  28. Yard Requirements Adjacent to Streets Greater Than 40.0 metres

  29. Yard Requirements, Exterior Side Yard Condition

  30. Yard Requirement, Rear Yard to Arterial Road

  31. Ancillary Sale of Automobiles

  32. Minimum Distance Separation (MDS)

  33. Setback Requirements Adjacent to Oil and Gas Wells

  34. Minimum Setbacks required for development adjacent to Railway Lines on lands annexed to City on January 1, 1993

  35. Drive-Through Facilities

  36. Clinic, Methadone and Pharmacy, Methadone

  37. Secondary Dwelling Units

Section   5 - Residential R1 Zone

Section   6 - Residential R2 Zone

Section   7 - Residential R3 Zone

Section   8 - Residential R4 Zone

Section   9 - Residential R5 Zone

Section 10 - Residential R6 Zone

Section 11 - Residential R7 Zone

Section 12 - Residential R8 Zone

Section 13 - Residential R9 Zone

Section 14 - Residential R10 Zone

Section 15 - Residential R11 Zone

Section 16 - Office Residential (OR) Zone

Section 17 - Office Conversion (OC) Zone

Section 18 - Restricted Office (RO) Zone

Section 19 - Office (OF) Zone

Section 20 - Downtown Area (DA) Zone

Section 21 - Regional Shopping Area (RSA) Zone

Section 22 - Community Shopping Area (CSA) Zone

Section 23 - Neighbourhood Shopping Area (NSA) Zone

Section 24 - Associated Shopping Area Commercial (ASA) Zone

Section 25 - Business District Commercial (BDC) Zone

Section 26 - Arterial Commercial (AC) Zone

Section 27 - Highway Service Commercial (HS) Zone

Section 28 - Restricted Service Commercial (RSC) Zone

Section 29 - Convenience Commercial (CC) Zone

Section 30 - Automobile Service Station (SS) Zone

Section 31 - Regional Facility (RF) Zone

Section 32 - Community Facility (CF) Zone

Section 33 - Neighbourhood Facility (NF) Zone

Section 34 - Heritage (HER) Zone

Section 35 - Day Care (DC) Zone

Section 36 - Open Space (OS) Zone

Section 37 - Environmental Review (ER) Zone

Section 38 - Commercial Recreation (CR) Zone

Section 39 - Office Business Park (OB) Zone

Section 40 - Light Industrial (LI) Zone

Section 41 - General Industrial (GI) Zone

Section 42 - Heavy Industrial (HI) Zone

Section 43 - Resource Extraction (EX) Zone

Section 44 - Rail Transportation (RT) Zone

Section 45 - Agricultural (AG) Zone

Section 46 - Agricultural Commercial (AGC) Zone

Section 47 - Rural Settlement Commercial Uses (RRC) Zone

Section 48 - Temporary Garden Suite (TGS) Zone

Section 49 - Urban Reserve (UR) Zone

Section 50 - Temporary (T) Zone

Section 51 - Waste & Resource Management (WRM) Zone (Z.-1-091842) 

Metric Conversion Table:

Schedule "A" - Key Maps (Zoning Designations)

Schedule "B" - Key Maps (Parking)