Overnight on-street parking

Overnight on-street parking is currently banned and registration to park overnight is now closed. Please move vehicles off of streets to make sure snowplows can get through when the snow falls. Please continue to check this webpage for the status of registration for an Overnight Parking Permit.

Overnight Parking Passes

Overnight parking passes are available between November 1 and April 30, weather permitting, for personal vehicle(s).

A maximum of 15 free passes will be issued per vehicle licence plate, valid on most City streets. Vehicles parked on City streets without a valid overnight parking pass may receive a parking fine.

  • Passes will not be issued more than 48 hours in advance.
  • When applying for your pass before midnight, please ensure you select the next calendar day. Your pass will start at midnight.
  • When applying for your pass between midnight and 5 a.m., select the current day.
  • Overnight parking is prohibited on certain streets. Always confirm on-street signage before parking your vehicle.
  • Overnight passes cannot be used where parking is prohibited year round.
  • Overnight passes cannot be used on streets posted with “No Parking 3 -5 a.m.” signage.
  • Passes are not eligible for commercial, oversized, inoperable or unplated vehicles, boats or trailers.
  • Passes do not need to be printed or displayed in the vehicle.

Register for an Overnight Parking Pass

If a snow event is forecast, a message will be posted on the overnight parking registry and no on-street parking will be allowed.

If you applied for an overnight pass in advance, please check the registry before parking your vehicle. Parking restrictions will be enforced if there is a snow event.

Parking when it snows

When snow falls in London, Parking Services needs drivers’ help to make sure roads are passable for plows to clear.

When there is enough snow on the ground to send out city plows, the Roads Operations team contacts Parking Services to implement the Overnight Parking Ban. This means vehicles are not allowed to park on City streets, so that snow plows can make their way through to clear.

If you are pre-registered for an Overnight Parking Pass, Parking Services will contact you by phone call or email blast, to let you know that the ban is in place, and vehicles cannot be parked on City streets.

The registry itself will shut down, and no one will be able to register for overnight parking. When the ban is lifted, parking services will let those who had been pre-registered and notified about the ban know that they may now resume overnight parking.

Can vehicles park on the street during the day, even if there is an overnight parking ban? Yes! This is because most of the snow plowing happens at night. Just remember to move vehicles so streets can be cleared overnight.

Municipal Lots

If there are complaints with respect to snow clearing in municipal parking lots, email parkingenforcement@london.ca and Parking Services will respond as soon as possible.

Last modified:Friday, January 12, 2024