Warming centres

Each winter, London experiences periods of extreme cold. The Middlesex-London Health Unit issues cold alerts in the following conditions, when one or more of these criteria are met:

  • Environment Canada forecasts low temperature of -15 C or lower;
  • Environment Canada forecasts wind chill of -20 or lower; or if
  • Environment Canada issues a 'Cold Alert' or 'Cold Warning'. 

When a cold alert is issued, the City of London will initiate our extreme temperature protocol, which may include opening warming centre for residents who require temporary shelter from the cold.

Hours and locations of warming centres will be updated here when a cold alert is issued. Please note that no special programming is provided at warming centres and the hours of operation may vary.

For extreme cold weather information and tips to avoid the risks of cold-related illness, please visit www.healthunit.com/extreme-cold

Warming Centre Hours and Locations

During a cold weather alert, the following community centres will be available as warming centres  during regular operating hours. 

It's important to note that any City of London community centre can be used as a warming centre, when open, if Londoners need a reprieve from the cold.

The London Public Library Central Branch will also be available as a warming space during extreme weather alerts:  

  • Monday-Thursday: 9 a.m.-9 p.m.
  • Friday: 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Saturday: 9 a.m.- 5 p.m.

The Central Branch is located at 251 Dundas Street.

Branch Library locations are open Tuesday – Saturday. Their hours can be found here

Additional Community Resources

Our community partners are a huge support for Londoners during cold weather alerts. Learn more about where and how to access these services below.

Additional Community Resources - Cold Weather Alert

Coordinated Informed Response:  As part of the this team's ongoing outreach, they will offer refreshments, snacks and warm clothing (socks, mitts, coats, blankets etc.) where needed. Learn more about the work this team does by visiting the Coordinated Informed Response page.

OutreachLondon Cares Street Outreach Team will assist street involved individuals within the City of London by conducting health and safety wellbeing checks, providing basic needs, warm gear, and connecting individuals to warming spaces, shelters, and services. London Cares will assist with transportation options for individuals who need assistance to get somewhere warm including those requiring assistance due to the elements. Phone: 519-667-CARE (2273).

Resting Spaces

  • First-St Andrew's United Church 10pm-9am daily by referral, 519-860-2932, 50 Queens Ave
  • YOU Youth Shelter ages 16-24, Monday-Friday 8pm-8am by referral, 519-686-1038, 585 Clarke Rd
  • London Cares Daytime 10am-4pm daily by referral, 519-667-2273, 717 Dundas St
  • London Cares Nighttime 11pm-8am daily by referral, 519-667-2273 717 Dundas St, meet at the police station across Adelaide & Dundas St by 7pm

Drop In Services/Warming SpacesDrop-in Services and Warming Spaces are cancelled or limited at many sites, due to COVID-19 distancing regulations limiting the number of individuals in one space at a time.

  • City of London Warming Centres
  • Winter Response Daytime, Ark Aid 10am-9pm daily, 519-667-0322 568 Richmond St, First Baptist Church – warming, basic needs, meals and snacks, washroom access
  • Winter Response Nighttime, Ark Aid 9pm-8am daily by referral – 519-860-2932 350 Queens Ave, First-St Andrew's United Church
  • London Public Library Central Branch Monday-Thursday 9am-9pm, Friday 10am-6pm, Saturday 9am-5pm 251 Dundas St – time limited warming space, no washroom access
  • Youth Action Centre Monday-Friday 10am-6pm – 519-432-1112 x101 332 Richmond St – limited drop-in for warming (15 minutes), no washroom access
  • London Coffee House 8:30am-4:30pm daily **closed Sunday December 25 and Monday December 26 371 Hamilton Road – daytime drop in, food & warming
  • My Sisters Place Sunday 10am-3pm, Monday 9:30am-8pm – 519-204-4719 566 Dundas St – drop-in, snacks & warming
  • Ark Aid Street Mission 4pm-9pm daily 696 Dundas St – basic needs, washroom access, laundry (by appointment), blankets, showers

Emergency Shelters – 24hrs/day, 7 days a week
London’s emergency shelters provide, at a minimum, emergency room and board to individuals and/or families who are experiencing homelessness and are aimed at meeting immediate, short-term needs.

  • Men’s Mission and Rehabilitation Centre – men 16 years and older 459 York St – 519-672-8500
  • Rotholme Women’s and Family Shelter – families **may take single women in extreme weather 42 Stanley St – 519-673-4114
  • The Salvation Army Centre of Hope – individuals 16 years and older 281 Wellington St – 519-661-0343
  • YOU Youth Shelter – ages 16-24 585 Clarke Rd – 519-686-1038 **overflow beds available in extreme weather

Violence Against Women Shelters – 24hrs/day, 7 days a week
Emergency shelter and support for abused women and their children.

  • Anova – women identifying 101 Wellington Rd and 450 Clarke Rd – 519-642-3000 or 1-800-265-1576
  • Atlohsa Family Healing Services - Zhaawanong Shelter – Indigenous women and their children by referral 519-432-2270 or 1-800-605-7477


Last modified:Thursday, February 02, 2023