Rapid Transit

As the City of London prepares to construct three Rapid Transit projects next year, we are hosting a virtual public information centre and two-week consultation period from September 23 – October 7, for residents and businesses to learn about the project and view the near-final designs for:

  • Downtown Loop Phase 3 (Wellington Street from Queens Avenue to York Street),
  • Wellington Gateway Phase 1 (Wellington Street from York Street to north of Thames River), and
  • East London Link Phase 2 (King Street from Lyle to Ontario Street; Ontario Street from King to Dundas Street; Dundas Street from Ontario to Egerton Street)

View near-final designs for the Downtown Loop Phase 3

View near-final designs for the Wellington Gateway Phase 1

View near-final designs for the East London Link Phase 2

Last modified:Friday, September 23, 2022