Commemorative Streets

As per the Council Policy, the Commemorative Street Name program provides Londoners an opportunity to recognize influential aspects of the City’s history: the opportunity is realized in the form of a decorative blade or topper attached to an existing street sign.  

The assignment of a Commemorative Street Name to all or a portion of a street will not change the official street name nor require any existing municipal addresses to be altered.  The Commemorative Street Name Program will provide a visible reminder of noteworthy people, places, events, themes, cultures, etc. related to the City of London.

The program is designed to:

  • commemorate person(s) associated with the City of London;
  • commemorate local history, organizations, places, events or culture;
  • strengthen neighbourhood identity and community commitment; and
  • recognize native wildlife, flora, fauna or natural features related to the community and the City of London.

Commemorative Streets Application Form

Frequently asked questions

How does the nomination and review process work?

Step 1: Submit complete nomination package

Nomination submissions, online applications, digital photos and biographies are submitted to Please include “Name of Nominee – Commemorative Streets” in the subject line of the email.

Step 2: Nominations Circulation and Staff Review

Development Services staff review the application and compare it with current municipal addressing guidelines to ensure accordance between the two. The application is then circulated to relevant organizations, the public and the Ward Councillor.

Step 3: Approval (or Refusal)

Once an application has been successfully screened and approved by Development Services staff and the Municipal Addressing Advisory Group - with no public objections - the sign will be posted as determined. 

If a nomination was reviewed by staff and the public and is deemed not acceptable to the Commemorative Streets Program, planning staff will notify the applicant of this decision my email or letter.

Step 4: Nominee submits consent form

Upon receipt of the nominee’s consent, the name will be added to the Commemorative Streets Reserve List.

What constitutes a "complete application"?

A complete application includes the following information:

  • Nominator contact information
  • Nominee contact information (where applicable)
  • Nominator declaration
  • Biography of Nominee (350 words or less)
  • Supporting documentation (photocopies welcome, submissions not returned)
  • Relevant photos of nominee, as available (photos will not be returned – digital submissions to with .gif, .jpg., jpeg extensions are encouraged)
  • Pending application approval, applicants shall be required to provide a preliminary design and/or digital image of the logo to be used in the commemorative street sign topper. Any designs are subject to Development Services staff review and approval.

Incomplete applications will not be considered.

How much does it cost?

The cost for nomination is subject to change as per updates to the City's "Fees & Charges By-law". The most recent fees can be found by searching Fees & Charges By-law or contacting Development Services.

The fee is used to recover costs associated with the application such as application processing, blade design and other staff resources and labour.  The applicant shall also be responsible for each new street blade required including any additional intersection replacements.  Nominators should have regard for the Commemorative Street Naming Policy as set out by City staff.

What if I need help with the design?

Following the approval Commemorative Street Name, staff will work with the applicant to develop an appropriate blade design for the commemorative portion of the street sign. This may include a logo, symbolic design or colour scheme as recommended by the applicant with City approval.

Are there specifications for the signs?

Below is an example of the attachment and street sign which will be used as the basis for any new Commemorative Street.  The lower, official street name area shall remain green with white text; standard for all street name signs in the City of London. Specifications for the design and installation of Commemorative Street Sign toppers shall be designed to avoid confusion between Commemorative Street Names, Streets of Honour and Official Street Name Signs. These specifications shall include guidelines for the size; shape; fill colour; text colour; border colour; font type; and installation locations.

Commemorative Sign Example


Last modified:Friday, November 20, 2020