Property information requests

In keeping with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA), members of the public can have access to any documents retained by the Building Division that are not covered by the exemptions to the legislation.

Information can be officially requested through the channels identified below and basic information is available online.  

Property Inquiry System

Please note: The City of London does not have land survey plans for sale or distribution. Any plans the City may have on hand are for staff use only. 

Additional information related to land survey plans 

The City of London does not have land survey plans for sale or distribution. The following information is provided only as a courtesy to assist in locating a survey plan of your property, assuming one exists.

Surveyors real property reports are the most commonly sought after type of survey plan. They show lot dimensions, survey monumentation (bars), buildings, garages, decks, pools and other major improvements to the property as well as easements, rights-of-way and other property interests. This type of survey is typically sought after by homeowners when fencing or when planning improvements on the property. These plans are not kept on file in any public registry system. If you believe that your property was surveyed in the past, you will need to contact the surveying company that did the survey for additional information. 

Registered plans of subdivision and condominium plans are plans approved under the Planning Act that create buildable lots that conform with zoning. Plans of Subdivision show lot dimensions and survey monumentation (bars) but do not show buildings or other improvements on the property. Registered Plans of Subdivision and Condominium Plans can be purchased from Teranet.

Reference plans are plans of survey that are "deposited" in the Land Registry Office and are used to illustrate parcels of land as one or more parts. The parts shown on these plans may or may not represent buildable lots. Similar to plans of subdivision, reference plans will show property dimensions, easements, rights-of-way, survey monumentation (bars) and may show the location of fences in relation to the boundaries but generally do not show buildings or other improvements on the property. Reference plans can be purchased from Teranet.

A local listing of Ontario Land Surveyors licensed to practice cadastral (legal boundary) surveys can be found from the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors website by clicking on Find a Surveyor.

For further information on land surveying please contact the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors at 1-800-268-0718.

Some common requests are listed below: 

Simple information request  

The most common request made under this category is for construction plans. Please note that if the requester is not the owner of the property, a letter of authorization is required from the owner that includes the owner's contact information.

Furthermore, if the owner is a corporation, a copy of the articles is required as well as a letter of authorization signed by a listed director.

Cost: $95 per address and permit and $15 for each additional permit associated with that address.

Work order letters

Provides details on active building permits, violations, work orders and the zoning designation that may apply to a property Cost: $100.

Expedited standard work order letter one day turnaround. Cost: $130. 

Compliance to swimming pool fence by-law 

With field inspection. Cost: $225 

Development and/or Subdivision agreement letters

Provides information concerning compliance status of agreements and if requested will include additional information concerning easements, sewer information, local improvements, and information about landfill proximity to a property. 

Please forward your request to .


Survey plan check

Confirmation that a survey plan is in compliance with the Zoning By-law. One legible copy, preferably 11x17 or less. Cost: $100 

Zoning compliance letter  

Request to confirm if a specific use is permitted at specific address. Cost: $100 

Building permit search letter

A formal letter that provides the status and description of building permits. Cost: $100 

Special research request

Complex or more detailed information request. Contact staff to confirm category type. Cost: $130 



Submit your request form by emailing 

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Submit your request form by emailing 

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