Wharncliffe Road South Improvements

The City of London is planning improvements for Wharncliffe Road South from north of the Thames River to Springbank Drive. One northbound travel lane will be added on Wharncliffe Road South between Horton Street and Becher Street.

The City also will rehabilitate the Wharncliffe Road Bridge across the Thames River, including enhancements to pathway connections for active transportation with wider sidewalks. Although the corridor is not currently considered a bike route in the Cycling Master Plan, the bridge design has consideration for future cycling lanes.

The current road bottleneck at the CN Rail Bridge creates safety and operational concerns for all road users, and results in traffic in the surrounding neighbourhoods.

Wharncliffe Road South Improvements Map

The work

  • Demolition of buildings on Stanley Street
  • Reconfiguring the streets and sidewalks to be safer and more efficient for all road users
  • Replacing the aging CN Rail Bridge
  • Rehabilitation of the Wharncliffe Road Bridge across the Thames River including wider side walks for pedestrian traffic
  • Replacing and upgrading utilities and aging sewers.

The benefits

  • Congestion and the collision history in this area have long been concerning and are expected to worsen as the City continues to grow. By reconfiguring the roadway, sidewalks and boulevards, this project will improve safety for all road users.
  • Active transportation will be improved with wider sidewalks.
  • Improvements to the intersection of Wharncliffe Road S and Horton Street will improve pedestrian safety and the crossing experience.
  • The current bottleneck at the CN Rail Bridge results in traffic infiltrating and cutting through surrounding neighbourhoods in this area. The improvements, including adding left turn lanes, will lead to less traffic cutting through the adjacent neighbourhoods
  • As the north-south arterial route, with these improvements, Wharncliffe Road will provide efficient connections to rapid transit on Wellington Road.
  • New public open space and improved streetscapes will bring attention to the Thames River and enhance identity in this area.
  • New utility infrastructure will eliminate disruptive maintenance repairs over time.


Project Timeline

Demolition begins: Fall 2020

Demolition ends: Fall 2020

Utility relocation begins: Fall 2020

2021: Construction is scheduled to begin on the full road improvement project

Full construction is expected to take two years

Last modified:Sunday, September 20, 2020