Dundas Street (Old East Village) Infrastructure Renewal

Dundas Street East between Adelaide and Ontario Streets in Old East Village (OEV) is a dense commercial area with high transit ridership. To help provide a safe, pedestrian-friendly environment with access to transit connections, this project will improve the streetscape with wider sidewalks, separated cycle lanes, trees and other urban design elements, while simultaneously addressing necessary underground work, including replacing and upgrading utilities, aging sewers and watermains.

The project will continue the work to build a vibrant commercial core with a unique heritage character. The goal is to create an environment that serves as a community hub for local residents and draws visitors as a distinct destination.

Rendering of Phase 1 of Old East Village

The rendering above shows how, through "complete street" design, various features work together to help define paths that accommodate multiple types of movements including driving, biking and walking.

The location

The project involves reconstructing Dundas Street from Adelaide Street North to Ontario Street in two phases in 2020 and 2021. The map below shows the construction project limits from English Street to Ontario Street in 2020 and from Adelaide Street to English Street in 2021.

A map that shows where construction will take place in each phase. Phase 1 will occur between English Street and Ontario Street while Phase 2 will occur between Adelaide Street and English Street. For more information, please contact: Jonny Ngai by emailing jngai@london.ca or by calling 519-851-3667

The work

Infrastructure work includes replacing and upgrading utilities and aging sewers

  • overhead utilities will be relocated underground
  • new street lighting will be installed

Streetscape elements include

  • wider sidewalks
  • planting 100 trees and placing planters throughout the area
  • installing a separated eastbound cycle lane on the south side of Dundas, and northbound lane on Ontario Street, which will connect to a new westbound Queens Avenue cycle lane, as part of the City’s East-West Bikeway
  • parking will be available on the north side of Dundas Street
A rendering that shows how each road user will be accommodated after construction has finished.

The benefits

Construction will result in:

  • wider sidewalks that will improve the pedestrian experience.
  • separated bike lanes that will allow cyclists to feel safer when biking in the area.
  • more trees which will improve the aesthetics of the area while providing shade and promoting environmental sustainability.
  • urban design elements such as unique concrete planters that will help create an attractive ambiance that distinguishes this portion of Dundas Street within in the Old East Village community.
  • transit stops which have been integrated into the design with a focus on the safety of transit users. Bus bays at Lyle and Elizabeth Streets will provide space for buses to stop outside of general traffic lanes, helping to maintain traffic flow. The transit stops will also include new amenities where possible.
  • on-street parking  on the north side of Dundas Street.
  •  utilities underground being relocated to enhance the overall look of Dundas Street and help prevent damage from severe weather.
  • new, brighter street lighting will improve accessibility and overall street safety.

The project has received funding commitments from the Government of Canada and the Province of Ontario to support 10 transit and transit-supportive projects.

Project updates

Phase 1  has completed for the year, and Dundas Street has been reopened to traffic. The second phase of the Dundas Street Infrastructure Renewal project will begin next year with similar improvements being made between Adelaide and English Streets.  Read the latest construction update here.

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Project Timeline

Spring 2020: Phase 1 construction

Construction will occur on Dundas Street between English Street and Ontario Street

Fall 2020: Phase 1 Construction ends

Construction will end on Dundas Street between English Street and Ontario Street

Spring 2021: Phase 2 construction begins

Construction will begin on Dundas Street between Adelaide Street and English Street.

Fall 2021: Phase 2 construction ends

Construction will begin on Dundas Street between Adelaide Street and English Street.

Last modified:Friday, December 18, 2020