Dingman Creek Environmental Assessment

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An image of a colourful sunset over Dingman Creek in London, Ontario

The Dingman Creek subwatershed (17,200 hectares) is located in Middlesex County with 74% of the area within the City of London. The Dingman Creek Environmental Assessment is the most important stormwater study that will be completed by the City for the next 15 years. The recommendations of the Dingman Creek Environmental Assessment are intended to mitigate the impact of future development on water resources and to remediate the subwatershed, with consideration for current and potential flooding, erosion concerns, as well as wildlife/aquatic habitat and natural corridor enhancement.

Current Status

The City hosted a public meeting in October 2023 about options for flood mitigation strategies considered in the EA process and to share draft updated Regulatory Floodplain mapping.

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Study Area

The focus of the study will be providing stormwater management solutions to facilitate development in South London for lands within the Urban Growth Boundary for the next 20 years.

The concept of a “complete corridor” will be evaluated as part of the EA process to promote the movement of stormwater, wildlife, and people. The recommended strategy is intended to be a showcase project for South London as well as a fiscally responsible approach to stormwater management in the subwatershed.  

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If you require documents in an alternate format or have questions about this project, please contact Adrienne Sones, P.Eng. at asones@london.ca or by phone at 519-661-2489 x 5537.

With the exception of personal information, all comments will become part of the public record of the study.

The study is being conducted according to the requirements of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment, which is a planning process approved under Ontario’s Environmental Assessment Act.


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