Mayor’s New Year’s Honour List

The Mayor’s New Year’s Honour List is an annual recognition of persons who have contributed in an outstanding manner to the community of London in one of the following categories:

  • Accessibility (i.e. contributions to foster an environment of inclusion that ­­embraces citizens of all abilities);
  • Age Friendly (i.e. contributions to empowering older adults and advancing an age friendly community)
  • Arts (i.e. contributions to fostering and/or the production of human creativity);­­
  • Distinguished Londoner  (to be selected by the Mayor);
  • Diversity and Race Relations (i.e. contributions to the elimination of hate and discrimination).
  • Environment (i.e. contributions to the awareness, preservation and protection of the environment);
  • Heritage (i.e. contributions to the awareness, preservation and protection of heritage resources);
  • Housing (i.e. contributions to the provision of safe and accessible housing for all members of the community);
  • Humanitarianism (i.e. contributions to human welfare through philanthropic and other efforts);
  • Safety & Crime Prevention (i.e. contributions to a safe and secure community); or
  • Sports (i.e. contributions to the awareness of and participation in sports activity and/or demonstrated excellence within a particular sports activity).

Submissions must be received by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 16, 2020.

Please note that a person may not be nominated more than once in a lifetime. Review the list of past winners below to ensure the person you nominate has not been nominated before.

Who can nominate?

Typically, nominations are solicited from City of London advisory committees for their consideration.  This year, as COVID-19 protocols have resulted in limited frequency of advisory committee meetings, nominations are being solicited from all Londoners. 

How to nominate?

Please complete the online form and then:

  1. Submit by email to, or
  2. Print and submit a paper copy through the City Clerk's Office, 3rd Floor, City Hall, 300 Dufferin Avenue.

Submissions must be received by 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 16, 2020.

List of past winners


  • Gary Doerr – Accessibility
  • Patrick Fleming – Age Friendly
  • Renée Silberman – Arts
  • Don Campbell – Distinguished Londoner
  • Hayden Foulon (Posthumously) – Distinguished Londoner
  • Leroy Hibbert – Distinguished Londoner
  • Brian Hill – Distinguished Londoner
  • Rob McQueen – Environment
  • Arthur McClelland – Heritage
  • Carla Garagozzo – Housing
  • Alexander Kopacz – Sports


  • Rachel Braden and Merel (Facility Dog) - Accessibility
  • Ernest Maiorana - Age Friendly
  • Victoria Carter - Arts
  • Gabor Sass - Environment
  • Steven Liggett - Heritage
  • Melissa Hardy-Trevenna - Housing
  • Jacqueline Thompson - Humanitarianism
  • Mike Lumley - Sports


  • Karen Schuessler Arts
  • Dharshi Lacey Diversity and Race Relations
  • George Sinclair Environment
  • Susan Bentley Heritage
  • Sister Delores Brisson Housing
  • Lina Bowden Humanitarianism
  • Todd Sargeant and Sigmund Bernat Persons with a Disability
  • Émilie Crakondji Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Tom Partalas Sports


  • Dale Yoshida – Arts
  • Mojdeh Cox – Diversity and Race Relations
  • Dr. Joseph Cummins –Environment
  • Sandra Miller – Heritage
  • Susan Grindrod – Housing
  • Andrew Rosser – Humanitarianism
  • Brenda Ryan – Persons with Disabilities
  • Danielle Mooder – Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Therese Quigley – Sports


  • Gary Brown (Environment)
  • Glen Curnoe (Heritage)
  • Charles and Carolyn Innis – Humanitarianism
  • Holly Painter (Arts)
  • Bonnie Quesnel – Persons with Disabilities
  • Paul Seale – Safety and Crime Prevention
  • Jens Stickling (Housing)
  • Reta Van Every (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir – Sports


  • Hilary Bates Neary (Heritage)
  • Alfredo Caxaj (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Roger Khouri (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Michael Lynk (Humanitarianism)
  • Patrick Mahon (The Arts)
  • Corina Morrison (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Bob Porter (Environment)
  • Martha Powell (Housing)
  • Damian Warner (Sports)


  • Barry Fay (Sports)
  • Talia Goldberg (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Rebecca Howse (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • John Nicholson (Arts)
  • Gary Smith (The Environment)
  • Lloyd Stevenson (Housing)
  • Kenneth Wright (Humanitarianism)


  • Meredith Fraser (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Bramwell Gregson (Arts)
  • Bruce Huff (Sports)
  • Suzanne Huot (Humanitarianism)
  • David Nelms (Housing)
  • Joe O’Neil (Heritage)
  • Shane O’Neill (Environment)
  • Lou Rivard (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Carmen Sprovieri (Persons with Disabilities)


  • Maryse Leitch (Arts)
  • Catherine McEwen (Heritage)
  • Josip Mrkoci (Sports)
  • Perpétue Nitunga (Humanitarianism)
  • Greg Playford (Housing)
  • Anne Robertson (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Evelina Silveira (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Maureen Temme (Environment)


  • Sister Joan Atkinson (Housing)
  • Major Archie Cairns (Arts)
  • Bill De Young (Environment)
  • Mike Lindsay (Sports)
  • Marlyn Loft (Heritage)
  • Christina Lord (Humanitarianism)
  • Dr. Gaston N.K. Mabaya (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Marg Rooke (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Cheryl Stewart (Persons with Disabilities)


  • Alison Farough (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Jennifer Grainger (Heritage)
  • Charlene Lazenby (Housing)
  • Kathy Lewis (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Maryanne MacDonald (Environment)
  • Joyce Mitchell (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Darlene Pratt (Arts)
  • Sister Margo Ritchie (Humanitarianism)
  • Ray Takahashi (Sports)


  • Mohamed Al-Adeimi (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Teresa Anglin (Humanitarianism)
  • Diana Anstead (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Margaret Capes (Housing)
  • Mike Circelli (Sports)
  • Nancy Finlayson (Environment)
  • Jeff Preston (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Theresa Regnier (Heritage)
  • Jim Scott (Arts)


  • Henri Boyi (Humanitarianism)
  • Dr. Cathy Chovaz (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Michelle Edwards (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • Stephen Harding (Heritage)
  • Thom McClenaghan (Environment)
  • Todd Sargeant (Sports)
  • Jeffrey Paul Schlemmer (Housing)
  • Dr. Margaret Whitby (Arts)


  • Eleanor Bradley (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Peter Brennan (Arts)
  • Chris Doty (posthumously) (Heritage)
  • Peter Inch (Sports)
  • Sandy Levin (Environment)
  • Raul Llobet (posthumously) (Diversity and Race Relations
  • Susie Matthias (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Glen Pearson and Jane Roy (Humanitarianism)


  • Jane Antoniak (Diversity and Race Relations)
  • John Barron (Arts)
  • Dale and Mark Hunter (Sports)
  • Jim Mahon (Environment)
  • Lorin MacDonald (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Darlene Ritchie (Housing)
  • Clare Robinson (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Sister Teresa Ryan (Humanitarianism)
  • Barry Wells (Heritage)


  • Bernice Brooks (Environment)
  • Eugene DiTrolio (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Genet Hodder (Heritage)
  • Prof. Donald McKellar (Arts)
  • Patrick Murphy (Persons with Disabilities)
  • Barry Parker (Housing)
  • Shanti Radcliffe (Humanitarianism)
  • Jude St. John  (Sports)


  • Alan Cohen (Arts)
  • Ayshi Hassan (Humanitarianism)
  • Dr. Bill Judd (Heritage)
  • Carol Kish (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Rick Odegaard (Housing)
  • Jennifer Smith Ogg (Sports)
  • Cathy Vincent-Linderoos (Physically Challenged)
  • Dave and Winifred Wake (Environment)


  • Ralph Aldrich (Arts)
  • Mary Kerr (Heritage)
  • Michael Lewis (Physically Challenged)
  • Laila Norman (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Elaine Pensa (Humanitarianism)
  • Joseph Rea and the Archangelo Rea Foundation (Environment)
  • Jan Richardson (Housing)
  • Clarke Singer (Sports)


  • Eric Atkinson (Arts)
  • Bill Brock (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Debbie Dawtrey (Physically Challenged)
  • Susan Epstein (Environment)
  • Janet Hunten (Heritage)
  • Gail Irmler (Housing)
  • Carolyn Rundle (Humanitarianism)
  • Darwin Semotiuk (Sports)


  • Douglas Bocking (Heritage Conservation)
  • Connie Cunningham (posthumously) (Housing)
  • Keith Cartwright (Physically Challenged)
  • Art Fidler (Arts)
  • Dan and Mary Lou Smoke (Humanitarianism)
  • Lesley Thompson (Sports)
  • Gosse VanOosten (Environment)
  • Audrey Warner (Safety and Crime Prevention)


  • Lottie Brown (Heritage Conservation)
  • Hume Cronyn (Arts)
  • Paul Duerden (Sports)
  • John Falls (posthumously) (Physically Challenged)
  • Gwen Barton Jenkins (posthumously) (Humanitarianism)
  • Judy Potter (Housing)
  • Paul van der Werf (Environment)


  • Dan Brock (Heritage Conservation)
  • Tom Crerar (Environment)
  • John Davidson (Physically Challenged)
  • O. Veronica Dryden (posthumously) (Humanitarianism)
  • Michael Edward Howe (Housing)
  • Phil Murphy (Arts)
  • Shelly Siskind (Safety and Crime Prevention)


  • Paterson Ewen (Arts)
  • Tim Dupee (posthumously) (Physically Challenged)
  • Sargon Gabriel (Humanitarianism)
  • Mary Huffman (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Ann McKillop (Heritage Conservation)
  • Henry and Maria Stam (Environment)


  • Karen Burch (Environment)
  • Gretta Grant (Humanitarianism)
  • Marion Obeda (Safety and Crime Prevention)
  • Kim Pratt (Architectural Conservation)
  • Cesar Santander (Arts)
  • W. (Bill) Willcock (Housing)


  • Robert Baumbach and the Dixie Flyers (Arts)
  • Jess Davidson (Physically Challenged)
  • Rosemary Dickinson (Environment)
  • Gertrude Roes (Safety)
  • Mowbray Sifton (Housing)
  • Nancy Zwart Tausky (Architectural Conservation)


  • Ruth Drake (Architectural Conservation)
  • Martha Henry (Arts)
  • Jeff Henderson (Environment)
  • Sandra McNee (Housing)
  • Ron Newnes (Crime Prevention)
  • Tanys Quesnel (Physically Challenged)
  • Bill Woolford (Safety)


  • Michael Baker (Architectural Conservation)
  • Caroline Bolter (Environment)
  • Richard Izzard (Crime Prevention)
  • David Kirk (Safety)
  • John Moran (Physically Disabled)
  • John Schunk (Housing)
  • Katharine Smith (Arts)


  • Alan Benninger (Housing)
  • William Fyfe (Environment)
  • Wil Harlock (Architectural Conservation)
  • David Long (Housing)
  • Margaret MacGee (Safety)
  • Nancy McNee (Arts)
  • Craig Stainton (Housing)
  • Peter Valiquet (Crime Prevention)
  • Shirley Van Hoof (Physically Disabled)


  • Kenneth Bovey (Environment)
  • Susan Eagle (Housing)
  • George Mottram (Safety)
  • Laverne Shipley (Crime Prevention)
  • Richard Verrette (Arts)
  • Debbie Willows (Physically Challenged)


  • Paul Ball (Crime Prevention)
  • Ian Chappell (Crime Prevention)
  • Silvia Clarke (Architectural Conservation
  • Norman Davis (Crime Prevention)
  • Norma Dinniwell (Arts)
  • Jay Mayos (Environment)
  • Marilyn Neufeld (Physically Challenged)
  • Margaret Sharpe (Crime Prevention)
  • Glen Sifton (Safety)


  • Julia Beck (Architectural Conservation)
  • Ruth Clarke (Safety)
  • Sam Katz (Environment)
  • Helena Kline (Crime Prevention)
  • Nellie Porter (Housing)
  • Nancy Skinner (Physically Disabled)
  • Maurice Stubbs (Arts)


  • Mervin Carter (Safety)
  • Robert Loveless (Physically Challenged)
  • Gordon Jorgenson (Crime Prevention)
  • Orlo Miller (Architectural Conservation)
  • Nancy Postian (Arts)
  • Thomas Purdy (Environment)

1988 (Arts)

  • Maurice A. Coghlin
  • Arthur Ender
  • Bernice Harper
  • Ian Turnbull

1987 (Arts)

  • Caroline L. Conron
  • Stephen Joy
  • Gerald Fagan
  • Millard P. McBain

1986 (Arts)

  • Sasha McInnis Hayman
  • Gregory R. Curnoe
  • Thomas J. Hannigan

1985 (Arts)

  • Nancy Poole
  • Paddy Gunn O’Brien
  • Thomas F. Siess

1984 (Arts)

  • Minnette Church
  • Betty Duffield

1983 (Arts)

  • Robert L. (Bob) Turnbull
  • Frank L. Hallett
  • Kathleen M. Hallett
  • Ivor Brake
  • Phyllis J. Brake
  • Carol Johnston
  • Thomas F. Lawson

1982 (Arts)

  • Wesanne McKellar
  • Edward R. Procunier
  • J. Allyn Taylor

1981 (Arts)

  • Herbert J. Ariss
  • Dorothy Carter
  • Noreen DeShane
  • John H. Moore
  • S. Elizabeth Moore

1980 (Arts)

  • Jane E. Bigelow
  • Barbara Ivey
  • Richard M. Ivey
  • Beryl Ivey

1979 (Arts)

  • Paul Eck
  • Edward Escaf
  • Clifford Evans
  • Arnim Walter

1978 (Arts)

  • Robin Dearing
  • Donald Fleckser
  • Angela Labatt
  • Dorothy Scuton
  • Pegi Walden

1977 (Arts)

  • Martin Boundy
  • A. Elizabeth Murray
  • James Reaney
  • Margaret Skinner
  • Earle Terry

1976 (Arts)

  • Catharine Kezia Brickenden
  • Lenore Crawford
  • Heinar Piller
  • Ray Sealey
  • Bruce Sharpe
  • Ruth Sharpe



The following conditions shall apply to the nomination of individuals:

a) a maximum of ten persons shall be named in any one year, with no more than one being from each of the ten categories referred to above subject to:

i) a person may not necessarily be named in each category each year;

ii) City Council may, at its sole discretion and on an exception basis, choose to recognize two individuals in any one category in a given year should the City Council determine that two individuals have inseparably partnered in contributing to their respective category, thereby increasing the aggregate amount of nominees beyond the usual maximum of ten persons to be named in any one year;

b) the recipients shall be chosen for long standing contributions in their respective categories;

c) the name of any one individual shall be included on the Honour List only once in their lifetime;

d) any person currently serving as a member of any one of the Advisory Committees or organizations referred to in 4.2 of the Mayor’s New Year’s Honour List Policy shall not be eligible for naming to the list during their term of appointment;

Form of recognition

Recipients will be honoured at the first meeting of City Council in January, which takes place on January 12, 2021, noting that there will not be any receptions or persons in attendance at the Council meeting(s) due to the current COVID-19 meeting protocols.

Each recipient will receive a certificate, and a plaque shall be displayed in a prominent public area of City Hall honouring those persons.

Mayor’s New Year’s Honour List Nomination Form

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