Traffic monitoring cameras

The City uses a network of traffic monitoring cameras that have been installed at strategic locations around London. This system, together with the Advanced Traffic Management System, helps trained City staff understand the nature of unexpected traffic situations and incidents at key locations.

The cameras help inform the City, emergency services, and public transit of collisions or delays that are causing unexpected traffic conditions during peak travel periods. The live footage is used to inform traffic signal timing adjustments. 

Note: The traffic monitoring cameras are live feed only and do not record unless for limited traffic studies. The City does not retain any video footage records except under specific circumstances in accordance with our Code of Practice.

Camera locations

Cameras are placed across London on some of the City’s busier roads that have bus routes and high volumes of traffic. 

The cameras are installed to point only at roads. A camera's view and coverage is evaluated before being put into daily use. In some circumstances the layout of the intersection may dictate that a camera is placed near a building or residence. If needed, a privacy blur or privacy mask is placed on the camera to block a view when deemed necessary to protect an individual's right to privacy.

The City currently uses Pan-Tilt-Zoom dome cameras which have the ability to cover up to 1.5 km in each direction, allowing one camera to cover multiple intersections.

The cameras have built-in features that allow for operation 365 days a year including features that minimize vibration and avoid the buildup of water and snow.


A total of 80 cameras are being installed by 2022. Current intersections with traffic monitoring cameras are:

  • Gainsborough Road & Wonderland Road
  • Sarnia Road & Hyde Park Road
  • Sarnia Road & Wonderland Road
  • Oxford Street & Hyde Park Road
  • Beaverbrook Avenue & Wonderland Road
  • Oxford Street & Wonderland Road
  • Riverside Drive & Wonderland Road
  • Byron Baseline Road/Springbank Drive & Commissioners Rd
  • Commissioners Road & Wonderland Road
  • Viscount Road & Wonderland Road
  • Southdale Road & Wonderland Road
  • Gainsborough Road & Hyde Park Road
  • Fanshawe Park Road & Hyde Park Road
  • Fanshawe Park Road & Wonderland Road
  • Wharncliffe Road & Wonderland Road
  • Fanshawe Park Road & Richmond Street
  • Fanshawe Park Road & Adelaide Street North
  • Windermere Road & Western Road
  • Windermere Road & Richmond Street
  • Windermere Road & Adelaide Street North
  • Sarnia Road & Western Road
  • Huron Street & Adelaide Street North
  • Oxford Street & Wharncliffe Road
  • Oxford Street & Talbot Street
  • Oxford Street & Richmond Street
  • Oxford Street & Adelaide Street North
  • Central Avenue & Richmond Street
  • Central Avenue & Colborne Street
  • Queens Avenue & Richmond Street
  • Queens Avenue & Wellington Street
  • Queens Avenue & Colborne Street
  • Queens Avenue & Adelaide Street North
  • King Street & Ridout Street
  • King Street & Richmond Street
  • King Street & Wellington Street
  • King Street & Colborne Street
  • King Street & Adelaide Street North
  • Horton Street & Ridout Street
  • Horton Street & Wellington Street
  • Horton Street & Colborne Street
  • Hamilton Road & Adelaide Street North
  • Riverside Drive & Wharncliffe Road
  • Dundas Street & Ontario Street
  • Dundas Street & Egerton Street
  • Horton Street & Wharncliffe Road
  • Commissioners Road & Wharncliffe Road
  • Commissioners Road & Wellington Road
  • Commissioners Road & Adelaide Street South
  • Commissioners Road & Pond Mills Road
  • Southdale Road & Wellington Road
  • Bradley Avenue & Wellington Road
  • Southdale Road & Wharncliffe Road
  • Exeter Road & Wellington Road
  • Huron Street & Highbury Avenue
  • Oxford Street & Highbury Avenue
  • Oxford Street & Second Street
  • Oxford Street & Clarke Road
  • Oxford Street & Veterans Memorial Parkway
  • Dundas Street & Highbury Avenue
  • Dundas Street & Clarke Road
  • Dundas Street & Veterans Memorial Parkway
  • Trafalgar Street & Highbury Avenue
  • Trafalgar Street & Veterans Memorial Parkway
  • Hamilton Road & Highbury Avenue
Camera usage

The traffic monitoring cameras are used by the City for live monitoring of roads only and will not be recording unless for limited traffic studies.

  • Access to the cameras is limited to trained personnel
  • The focus of the camera is always the roadway
  • The system is set up in such a way that personal information under normal operations will not be compromised
  • New camera locations are evaluated to minimize the impact on private homes and other locations where there is a reasonable expectation of privacy

The traffic monitoring cameras do not record traffic infractions or vehicle speed, and are different than the City’s current red light camera program or the City’s new automated speed enforcement cameras. The new traffic monitoring cameras are also not used to collect personal information such as licence plates.

Code of practice statement

The Corporation of the City of London installs and operates the Traffic Monitoring Cameras within the road allowance and monitors the cameras via a Video Management System or Advance Traffic Management System. The Traffic Monitoring Cameras, Video Management System, and Advanced Traffic Management System are owned and operated by the City.

It is the practice of the Traffic Engineering Division to utilize the Traffic Monitoring Cameras for transportation management and emergency incident response by monitoring the movement of vehicles on the City’s road network. Traffic Monitoring Cameras are not used for security, law enforcement, or municipal licensing purposes. The Cameras and System do not record video on a continuous basis. The Video Management System collects anonymous information on a transitory basis and does not store identifiable personal information or identifiable vehicle data.

It is not the City’s intent to collect personal information through the monitoring of vehicles on the City’s road network. However, in a circumstance where collection of personal information is unavoidable during an incident, such information will only be used or disclosed as authorized under the provisions of the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA).

​​​​​The traffic monitoring cameras and video management system are subject to Ontario’s Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA) and relevant City policies and procedures.


Last modified:Thursday, December 16, 2021