Heritage alteration permits

A heritage alteration permit is required to change a heritage designated property. These changes could include the replacement, removal, alteration, damage or destruction of heritage attributes on the property. For Part IV designated properties, Heritage Alteration Permit approval is required if alterations are likely to affect the heritage attributes of the property. For Part V designated properties, classes of alterations requiring Heritage Alteration Permit approval are identified in the applicable Heritage Conservation District Plans.

A heritage alteration permit must be approved prior to altering the property. Applications for a heritage alteration permit may go through the Delegated Authority process if alterations have not started. Alterations that may require approval include, but not limited to, construction of additions, window or door replacement, and porch replacement.

Process to apply
  1. Consult with a Heritage Planner 
  2. Complete the application form for the heritage alteration permit and provide any other necessary attachments (drawings, photographs, etc.) that will help facilitate the review of your permit application
  3. Heritage Planner will confirm receipt of the complete application
  4. Heritage Planner determines type of approval: Municipal Council Decision or Delegated Authority
  5. A Heritage alteration permit application may give the applicant:
  • the permit applied for or consent to the application
  • the permit applied for or consent to the application (with terms and conditions attached) 
  • notice that Municipal Council is refusing the application for the permit

Alterations that take place without heritage alteration permit approval requires consultation with the Community Advisory Committee on Planning (CACP) and decision by Municipal Council.


Last modified:Monday, January 30, 2023