Residential Front Yard and Boulevard Parking

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Legislative History: Enacted September 19, 2017 (By-law No. CPOL.-223-475); Amended June 26, 2018 (By-law No. CPOL.-305-296)

Last Review Date: July 25, 2023

Service Area Lead: Director, Development Services

1. Policy Statement

The Residential Front Yard and Boulevard Parking Policy sets out Council's position with respect to the creation of Front Yard and Boulevard Parking in the City.  These two types of parking are allowed by the City only on an "exception basis", and this policy includes criteria for consideration of such exceptions, standards relating to these types of parking, an approval process, a standard form agreement and an enforcement process.

Zoning or Minor Variance Exception

Front yard portions of private land may be used for parking areas according to the regulations and standards set out in the City of London Comprehensive Zoning By-law(s) or as a result of an approved minor variance.

Combined Zoning/Minor Variance and Boulevard Parking Agreement Exception

When a situation exists where the proposed parking area is partly on the owner's land and partly on the boulevard portion of the public highway, the owner must obtain both a minor variance and a boulevard parking agreement. In these cases if the Committee of Adjustment grants the minor variance it will contain a condition requiring the owner to enter into the boulevard parking agreement without a separate approval for it being required from the Council.

Boulevard Parking Agreement Exception

Boulevard portions of public highways may be used for parking areas with the approval of Council and in accordance with terms and conditions set out in an agreement that is entered into between the City and the owner of the property adjoining the boulevard part of the highway/street.

The Corporation of the City of London generally prohibits the use of the front yard or of the boulevard for the parking of motor vehicles in single detached, semi-detached, duplex, triplex or street townhouse residential areas. Exceptions to this policy may only be granted where the applicant has obtained approval for a minor variance from the Committee of Adjustment or for use of the boulevard from Council, and where such parking complies with the policies outlined herein.

2. Definitions

2.1 Boulevard - shall mean that portion of every road allowance within the limits of the City of London that is not used as a sidewalk, driveway, travelled roadway or shoulder.

2.2 City - shall mean the geographical area of the City of London.

2.3 Corporation - shall mean The Corporation of the City of London.

2.4 Council - shall mean the Municipal Council of the City of London.

2.5 Driveway - shall mean the physically designated area lying between the roadway and the lot line on the boulevard and between the lot line and the parking area on the lot used primarily for vehicular ingress from the roadway to the private property or for vehicular egress from the property to the roadway.

2.6 Front Yard - shall mean those lands extending across the full width of a lot between the front lot line and the nearest main wall of any building or structure on the lot.

2.7 Owner - shall mean any property owner or their authorized agent who applies to the Corporation for permission to park on a portion of the Corporation's boulevard.

2.8 Parking Area - shall mean that area which, in whole or part uses the front yard and/or boulevard for the temporary parking of motor vehicles accessory to a permitted use.

2.9 Roadway - shall mean the part of a highway that is improved, designated or ordinarily used for vehicular traffic, but does not include the shoulder, and where a highway includes two or more separate roadways, the term "Roadway" refers to any one road way separately and not to all the roadways collectively.

3. Applicability

This policy applies to Owners seeking an opportunity to park on a portion of the Corporation’s Boulevard.

4. The Policy

4.1 General

The following provides for the transitional provisions from the existing boulevard parking agreements to new ones where a "grandfathering" option is chosen by the property owners:

a) property owners with residential boulevard parking agreements be required to pay any outstanding rental charges for existing residential boulevard parking up to December 31, 1995 on the understanding that rental charges remitted to the City by that date will make those owners eligible for the "grandfathering" of existing residential boulevard parking agreements; and

b) eligible property owners with existing residential boulevard parking agreements wishing to "grandfather" such parking arrangements in order to allow them to be continued, be required to enter into a revised Standard Form Boulevard Parking Agreement on the understanding that the by-law authorizing the execution of these revised agreements will be registered by the City Clerk on the title of the abutting property at the expense of the owner involved as regards the payment of the $50.00 registration fee.

4.2 Criteria for Consideration of Exceptions

4.2.1 Suitable Alternatives

The approval of front yard or boulevard parking will not be supported by Council where a suitable alternative exists for parking entirely on the owner's property, as described in one or more of the following situations:

a) Tandem parking is available in a legal existing driveway when the land use is single detached dwellings;

b) The use of rear service lanes is possible where such lanes are accessible and in use by more than one property owner;

c) The removal of, alteration to or relocation of accessory buildings or structures, fences and landscaping will result in the accommodation of parking entirely on the owner's property; and/or

d) The side and/or rear yard of the lot can be used for a parking area, provided such parking area does not occupy more than 25% of the total lot area.

4.2.2 Criteria for Approval of an Exception

The approval of a front yard or boulevard parking exception may be supported by Council where the application for an exception meets the following criteria:

a) None of the parking area alternatives described in Section 3.1 of this policy are available;

b) The parking area exception conforms to the general intent and purpose of the Official Plan policies and Zoning By-law regulations;

c) The parking area exception is generally in compliance with the purpose and intent of the Streets By-law;

d) The change to the Zoning By-law regulations for the residential parking area is minor;

e) The parking area is generally in keeping with the scale and form of parking on surrounding properties and will have minimal negative impact on existing vegetation and/or municipal services.

4.2.3 Front Yard and Boulevard Parking Standards

The following minimum and maximum standards apply to parking area exceptions. They are intended to generally reflect the standards currently found in the Zoning By-law as they apply to parking areas for single, semi-detached, duplex, converted two (2) unit type dwellings.

No parking area will be approved which conflicts with any by-laws or regulations of the City of London.

a) Number of Boulevard Parking Spaces (max.) - 1 per legal dwelling unit

b Parking Area size (min.) - 2.7 meters (8.8 feet) wide by 5.5 meters (18.0 feet) long.

c) Parking Area and Driveway Width (max.) - maximum 6.0 m. (19.7 feet) or 40% of the front lot line whichever is less but in no case less than 2.7 meters (8.8 feet).

d)  Parking Area Lot Coverage (max.) - 40% of the land area between the front of the main building and the roadway.

e) The Parking Area length shall not be permitted parallel to the street line.

f) The Parking Area shall not be permitted closer than 1.0 m. (3.0 feet) from an existing or future public sidewalk.

g) In the case of corner properties, where a driveway would be constructed within 10 meters (30 feet) from the intersecting road allowance, approval for permission will be at the discretion of the City Engineer subject to the provisions of the Streets By-law (By-law S-1).

h) All parking areas and driveways shall be provided and maintained with a stable surface, treated to prevent the raising of dust or loose particles, such as any asphalt, concrete or other hard-surfaced material.

i) The Corporation reserves the right to require landscaping, fencing and buffering on and around the parking area and/or to require the preparation by the owner of a site plan for the parking area.

4.3 Exception Possibilities

4.3.1 Where the parking area is entirely in the front yard of private lands, an application to the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance to the Zoning By-law is required. No Boulevard Parking Agreement is required for part of a driveway leading to a legal on-site parking space.

4.3.2 When any part of the parking area can be accommodated on private lands, this too requires an application to the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance to the applicable Zoning By-law. In addition, as a condition of minor variance approval, the owner must enter into a Standard Form Boulevard Parking Agreement with the Corporation. The final approval of the minor variance will allow the City Clerk to prepare an agreement between the Corporation and the applicant without further approvals.

4.3.3 Where the parking area can only be accommodated entirely on the public boulevard, an application to the Planning and Environment Committee of the Council, through the City Clerk's Office for boulevard parking is required. Development Services will prepare and present a report to the Planning and Environment Committee at a public meeting. The Planning and Environment Committee will then recommend approval or refusal of the application to the Council, and the Council will make the final decision.

4.4 Process for Consideration of Exceptions to Front Yard and Boulevard Parking

The decision to grant front yard and/or boulevard parking is based on a process which includes comments from the applicant, municipal staff, neighbouring property owners, and the public. This approach recognizes the standards set out in Section 2 of this policy and the possibility of unique neighbourhood expectations about the parking area.

4.4.1 The application fees for both a minor variance and a boulevard parking agreement are set in the Fees and Charges By-law, as amended from time to time. All application fees are non-refundable. Where the exception involves a boulevard parking agreement, the applicant must also provide the City Clerk with a cheque in the required amount made payable to the City Treasurer to cover the costs for the registration of the agreement on title through a by-law instrument.

4.4.2 Any application for front yard and boulevard parking must include a plan prepared to scale showing the location of the buildings, trees, public utilities, landscaping, adjoining properties and building locations where possible and the dimensions of the proposed parking area. This plan must be suitable for inclusion in the Standard Form Boulevard Parking Agreement to be entered into between the owner and the Corporation. It is strongly recommended that the plan be based on a survey drawing of the property because it is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that there are no encroachments onto adjacent properties.

4.4.3 Applications that are going to the Committee of Adjustment because they require a minor variance will be circulated by the Secretary-Treasurer of the said Committee in accordance with the Regulations under the Planning Act (to various Civic Departments, outside agencies and to all property owners within 60 meters (200 feet) of the applicant's property). Applications that are going to a public participation meeting of the Planning and Environment Committee because a boulevard parking agreement is required will also be circulated to all property owners within 60 meters (200 feet) of the applicant's property and to the Environmental and Engineering Services, and Development Services.

4.4.4 A public meeting of either the Committee of Adjustment or of the Planning and Environment Committee is normally held within 30 days of the application being received, at which the applicant and any interested surrounding property owners would be invited to comment on the appropriateness and desirability of the front yard or boulevard parking application.

4.4.5 For minor variance exceptions to front yard parking, the decision of the Committee of Adjustment may be appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board.  For boulevard parking exception applications, the decision of Council is final and binding.

4.5 Boulevard Parking Agreement

4.5.1 The conditions of agreement will be those contained in the Standard Form Boulevard Parking Agreement adopted by City Council as amended from time to time.

4.5.2 When the Boulevard Parking Agreement has been fully executed by the applicant, the City Clerk will prepare and submit to the Council a standard form executory by-law to authorize the execution of the Boulevard Parking Agreement by the Corporation. Upon enactment of the by-law by the Council, the Corporation will sign the Agreement after which, and subject to

a) the receipt from the applicant by the City Clerk of the registration fee referred to in section 4.1 of this Policy; and

b) written advice from Development Services that it is appropriate to proceed

the City Clerk will register the Boulevard Parking By-law and Agreement on the title of the property.  The City Clerk will provide the applicant with a copy of the registered by-law/agreement showing all the registration particulars.

4.5.3 Boulevard Parking Agreements will be without a term certain and will run with the land upon which they are registered provided the parties to the agreement are in accord, and all of the conditions of Corporation as set out in the agreement have been and are being complied with to the satisfaction of the City Engineer.

4.6 Construction of the Parking Area

4.6.1 The removal of a City curb is to be done by City Forces at the owner's expense after a curb cut permit is obtained from the City Engineer.  Paving, removal of trees and relocation of utilities, or any other construction work is to be arranged by the owner through the affected City Department, utility or agency, at the owner's expense, on the understanding that the approval of the City Engineer must be obtained before commencement of any construction work that is required.

4.6.2 In the event that trees or utilities must be removed or relocated, written approval must be obtained by the owner from the appropriate authority before the application will be processed.

4.7 Front Yard and Boulevard Parking Enforcement

4.7.1 Parking on the boulevard or in the front yard shall not begin:

a) in the case of parking under a boulevard parking agreement, until the City Clerk has completed registration of the by-law/boulevard parking agreement instrument in the Registry Office, or

b) in the case of parking under a minor variance, until the decision of the Committee of Adjustment (or of the Ontario Municipal Board where there is an appeal) is final.

4.7.2 Violations of any of the provisions in the Zoning By-law, the Traffic By-law or the Streets By-law with respect to front yard and boulevard parking shall be enforced at the discretion of the municipal enforcement agencies.

4.7.3 In situations where a decision is reached not to approve front yard or boulevard parking, the City Engineer may close illegal accesses with proper curbing and restore the appearance of the area as a proper boulevard at the expense of the offending property owner.

4.7.4 Where no boulevard parking agreement has been finalized on the basis outlined in paragraph 4.5.2 of this policy, the Corporation reserves the right to erect, temporarily, any obstacles necessary to prevent the use of the boulevard for parking, and, at the same time, the City Clerk may recommend to the Planning and Environment Committee that the original approval for such owner's agreement to park on the boulevard be rescinded.


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