Official City Flag Policy

By-Law Number
As Amended by

Legislative History: Adopted September 19, 2017 (By-law No. CPOL.-105-357); Amended July 24, 2018 (By-law No. CPOL.-105(a)-414)

Last Review Date: July 25, 2023

Service Area Lead: City Clerk

1. Policy Statement

1.1 This policy identifies the official flag for The Corporation of the City of London.

2. Definitions

2.1 Not applicable.

3. Applicability

3.1 This policy shall apply to The Corporation of the City of London and its representatives.

4. The Policy

4.1 The City of London shall, for most purposes, use its corporate logo flag consisting of the City logo on the right hand side and a green and silver design element on the left hand side. However, in circumstances requiring more formal protocol for ceremonial representation purposes, the City of London shall use its official flag consisting of a field of Royal Blue silk, measuring 36" x 48", on which is displayed the City of London coat of arms in its natural colours, measuring 15" high x 15" wide.

Last modified:Tuesday, April 09, 2024