Objectives of Centennial Hall

By-Law Number
Enforcement Date
June 26, 2018
As Amended by
By-Law No. Date Passed at Council
CPOL.-343-334 June 26, 2018

Legislative History: Enacted June 13, 2017 (By-law No. CPOL.-31-227); Amended June 26, 2018 (By-law No. CPOL.-343-334); Amended August 10, 2021 (By-law No. CPOL.-31(a)-234)

Last Review Date: July 25, 2023

Service Area Lead: Director, Financial Planning & Business Support (or designate)

1. Policy Statement

The purpose of this policy is to formalize and clarify practices on the operation of Centennial Hall.

2. Definitions

Not Applicable.

3. Applicability

This policy applies to the operation of Centennial Hall.

4. The Policy

That the following objectives pertaining to the operation of Centennial Hall be established:

a) to strive to operate the Hall on at least a "break-even basis";

b) to make available public hall rentals for non-profit community groups and organizations;

c) to establish a rental fee structure for non-profit community groups and organizations that will permit continued use of the facilities by such groups and organizations;

d) to maximize revenues within a fee structure that recognizes reduced rentals for non-profit community groups and organizations;

e) to provide for the public hall needs of entrepreneurs and others for the promotion of business, conventions, cultural, entertainment, industrial and religious events;

f) to actively market the use of the facilities to increase revenues;

g) to carry out improvements to the facilities that will enhance the use of the facilities and increase the revenue potential; and

h) to maintain a high standard of maintenance of the facilities in keeping with the Civic Centre Complex.

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