Catch Basins on Private Property

By-Law Number
As Amended by

Legislative History: Enacted September 19, 2017 (By-law No. CPOL. -197-449); Amended June 26, 2018 (By-law No. CPOL.-317-308

Last Review Date: July 25, 2023

Service Area Lead: Director – Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater

1. Policy Statement

The policy states provides direction regarding the maintenance, repair, and replacement of rear lot catch basins on private property.

2.  Definitions

Not applicable.

3. Applicability

This policy applies to private property which contains a read yard catch basin and catch basin lead within the City of London.

4. The Policy

That the following policy be established with respect to the maintenance, repair and replacement of rear lot catch basins and catch basin leads on private property:

a.) on the recommendation of the Deputy City Manager, Environment and Infrastructure, easements shall not be taken for rear lot catch basins and drains which provide drainage for lots in plans of subdivision;

b.) private property owners be advised that cleaning catch basin grates and repairing any erosion around the rear yard catch basin located in their rear yards are their own responsibility; and

c.) the City of London assume responsibility for the repair or replacement of the rear yard catch basins and leads that service rear yard catch basins on private property subject to the City being able to obtain the necessary consent of any private property owner to enter upon their lands and undertake such work when repair or replacement situations occur. Repair activities may include reparging of the rear yard catch basin and repairing the catch basin lead connection to the rear yard catch basin.

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