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Public Pound By-law - PH-5

By-Law Number

OFFICE CONSOLIDATION (as of October 26, 2021)

A by-law to provide for the appointment of a Poundkeeper and to regulate the Public Pound. 

Part 1 - Poundkeeper - Appointment - Duty

1.1  London Animal Care Centre - appointed

The Council re-affirms and appoints Urban Animal Management Inc. carrying on business as London Animal Care Cenre to serve in the office of Poundkeeper, during the pleasure of Council and to carry out the provisions of the Pounds Act. 

1.2 Animals (including dogs, excluding cats) - running at large - impounded

It shall be the duty of the Poundkeeper of the City of London to impound any animal (including dogs, excluding cats) running at large or trespassing on any property contrary to the provisions of the Dog Licensing and Control By-law or the Animal Control by-law.

Part 2 - Public Pound - location

2.1 Pine Valley Boulevard

The public pound shall be from time to time the premises of Urban Animal Management Inc. carrying on business as London Animal Care Centre located at 121 Pine Valley Boulevard, in the City of London. 

Part 3 - Poundkeeper's Record

3.1 Electronic Database - contents

Poundkeeper shall maintain an electronic database system in which the Poundkeeper shall enter the following:

(a)   description of every animal impounded;

(b)   name of person presenting or sending animal for impoundment;

(c)   year, month, day and hour of animal received;

(d)   year, month, day and hour if animal redeemed;

(e)   amount of damages or penalty

(f)   fees paid by party redeeing;

(g)   proceeds of sale, if any.

3.2 Database - provide access

The Poundkeeper shall at all times produce and provide access to the electronic database system when required to do so by the Director, Municipal Compliance.

Part 4 - Compensation

4.1 Services - compensation for - set out - City's Fees and Charges By-law

The compensation to be allowed the Poundkeeper for services rendered by them in carrying out the provisions of this by-law shall be set by Council from time to time and is more particularly set out in the City's Fees and Charges by-law. 

Part 5 - Repeal - Enactment

5.1 By-law - previous

By-law P.H.-66-125 is hereby repealed

5.2 Effective Date

This by-law comes into force on November 15, 1993. 

T.C. Gosnell, Mayor

K.W. Sadler, City Clerk

First, Second and Third Reading - November 15, 1993

As Amended by
By-Law No. Date Passed at Council
PH-5 November 15, 1993
PH-5-96001 April 1, 1996
PH-5-96002 May 6, 1996
PH-5-01003 January 15, 2001
PH-5-05004 November 21, 2005
PH-5-14005 July 29, 2014
PH-5-17006 October 17, 2017
PH-5-21007 September 14, 2021
PH-5-21008 October 26, 2021
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