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Council Policy By-Law - A.-6151-17

By-Law Number


A By-law to establish policies for the sale and other disposition of land, hiring of employees, procurement of goods and services, public notice, accountability and transparency, and delegation of powers and duties, as required under section 270(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001.

WHEREAS section 5(3) of the Municipal Act, 2001 S.O. 2001, c.25, as amended, provides that a municipal power shall be exercised by by-law;

AND WHEREAS section 9 of the Municipal Act, 2001 provides that a municipality has the capacity, rights, powers and privileges of a natural person for the purpose of exercising its authority under this or any other Act;

AND WHEREAS section 270(1) of the Municipal Act, 2001 requires that a municipality adopt and maintain policies with respect to the sale and other disposition of land; hiring of employees; procurement of goods and services; circumstances in which the municipality shall provide notice to the public and, if notice is to be provided, the form, manner and times notice shall be given; the manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that it is accountable to the public for its actions and the manner in which the municipality will try to ensure that its actions are transparent to the public; and, the delegation of its powers and duties;

NOW THEREFORE the Municipal Council of The Corporation of the City of London enacts as follows:

1. The following attached policies be hereby implemented:

Schedule “A” – Sale and Other Disposition of Land Policy

Schedule “B” – Hiring of Employees Policy

Schedule “C” – Procurement of Goods and Services Policy

Schedule “D” - Appointment of Consulting Services Policy (Repealed eff. Nov 23/09)

Schedule “E” – Public Notice Policy

Schedule “F” – Accountability and Transparency to the Public Policy

Schedule “G” – Delegation of Powers and Duties Policy

2. By-Law No. L.S.P.-3350-104 being “A by-law to provide for procedures for the sale of land owned by the Corporation of the City of London”, and all of its amendments, are hereby repealed.

3. Council Policies 20(5) being the “Determination of Sale Price Policy”, 20(13) being the “Commissions for Industrial Land Sales Policy”, 20(15) and 20(15A) being the “Sale of Industrial Lands Policy” and its associated appendix, 20(25) being the “Pricing of Industrial Lands Policy”, 20(26) being the “Exchange of Lots in Trafalgar Woods Subdivision Policy” are hereby rescinded.

4. Council Policy 21(1) being the “Purchasing and Materials Management Policy” is hereby rescinded.

5. Council Policy 7(9) being the “Selection of Consulting Engineers Policy” and all of its appendices are hereby rescinded.

6. By-law No. A.-5878-105 being “A by-law for the purpose of giving Public Notice pursuant to the Municipal Act, 2001 c.25, s.251” and all of its amendments are hereby repealed.

7. This by-law shall come into force and effect on January 1, 2008.

PASSED in Open Council on December 17, 2007.

Anne Marie DeCicco-Best


Kevin Bain

City Clerk

First reading – December 17, 2007

Second reading – December 17, 2007

Third reading – December 17, 2007

As Amended by
By-Law No. Date Passed at Council
A.-6151(a)-267 July 22, 2008
A.-6151(b)-347 November 23, 2009
A.-6151(c)-264 October 4, 2010
A.-6151(d)-4 December 6, 2011
A.-6151(e)-307 October 30, 2012
A.-6151(f)-2 December 11, 2012
A.-6151(g)-30 January 15, 2013
A.-6151(h)-108 March 26, 2013
A.-6151(i)-24 December 17, 2013
A.-6151(j)-100 March 18, 2014
A.-6151(k)-148 April 15, 2014
A.-6151(l)-177 May 26, 2015
A.-6151(m)-220 August 30, 2016
A.-6151(n)-25 December 19, 2016
A.-6151(o)-96 March 21, 2017
A.-6151(p)-333 September 19, 2017
A.-6151(q)-486 October 3, 2017
A.-6151(r)-120 March 27, 2018
A.-7742-237 June 26, 2018
A.-6151(s)-364 July 24, 2018
A.-6151(t)-380 July 24, 2018
A.-6151(u)-419 July 24, 2018
A.-6151(v)-420 July 24, 2018
A.-6151(w)-421 July 24, 2018
A.-6151(x)-446 July 24, 2018
A.-6151(y)-268 October 1, 2019
A.-6151(z)-219 August 10, 2021
A.-6151(aa)-220 August 10, 2021
A.-6151(ab)-221 August 10, 2021
A.-6151(ac)-286 September 14, 2021
A.-6151(ad)-8 December 7, 2021
A.-6151(ae)-59 February 15, 2022


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