1989 Official Plan - C.P.-1284-227

The 2016 Official Plan for the City of London (London Plan) is now in force. 

Through OLT decision on May 25, 2022, the 1989 Official Plan for the City of London was repealed by City Council and replaced with the 2016 Official Plan for the City of London (London Plan). For information pertaining to the decision, please visit: https://olt.gov.on.ca/tribunals/lpat/e-status/ OLT Case Number OLT-22-002286 (Legacy Case Number PL170100). 

For more information on remaining site-specific appeals related to the 1989 Official Plan, please visit the Ontario Land Tribunals website.


1989 Official Plan

The 1989 Official Plan consists of three parts:

  1. Part A - contains the text of the plan
  2. Part B - contains the mapping portion of the plan

    Schedule A - Land Use, Schedule B1 - Natural Heritage Features, Schedule B2 -Natural Resources and Hazards, Schedule C - Transportation Corridors and Schedule D - Planning Areas

  3. Part C - contains the appendices that support the plan
    Appendix 1 - Convenience Commercial and Service Stations and Appendix 2 - Noise Exposure Forecast

The 1989 Official Plan will be repealed when the policy appeals to The London Plan are resolved.

For more information or to request 1989 Official Plan maps, please contact City Planning at planning@london.ca or call 519-661-4980.​​​​​​