Purchasing and Supply

Information for Vendors

Insurance Certificates

Individuals and organizations who supply goods or services to the City or use City facilities are required to provide evidence of insurance as part of the terms and conditions of the contract, purchase order, permit, license or other form of agreement.  

The minimum acceptable per-occurrence limit required for comprehensive general liability and for automobile liability insurance is $2,000,000. Please refer to the contract as requirements may vary.

The City of London has three certificate forms. The appropriate form must be completed and signed by your insurance broker (or insurer).

It is important to note that these three forms are the only certificates accepted by the City of London.

If you have any questions regarding insurance on bids and tenders, please contact the Purchasing Division at  519-661-4900 or Fax 519-661-5030.

For questions regarding rental of facilities, please contact Parks and Recreation 519-661-2489 ext. 2527 or Fax 519-661-5607.

Bidding Reference Documents

Vendor Bidding Information Letter

Standard Terms and Conditions

Procurement of Goods and Services Policy

Respectful Workplace Policy

Designated Substances Asbestos

Legislative Health and Safety Requirements

Labour and Material Payment Bond - Section 85.1 of the Construction Act

Performance Bond - Section 85.1 of the Construction Act

Bidding Opportunities

Bids and Tenders

View active bidding opportunities on the City of London's online procurement service.

Unsolicited Proposals

Approaching the City

An unsolicited proposal is a new or innovative idea submitted for the purpose of obtaining a contract with the City.

The City seeks to partner on projects that align with its mission and values and that advance the goals of Council. The City will consider unsolicited proposals from any individual or organization. The proposal cannot be in response to a current or anticipated request for proposal or any City-initiated solicitation.

The City will consider proposals that:

  • satisfy a City of London need or problem
  • are innovative or unique opportunities to improve service delivery
  • demonstrate significant value or savings, or mitigate risks
  • have significant revenue generation or economic development potential

If you or your organization would like to make a proposal to the City of London, please complete and submit this form. All proposals will be reviewed by administration.

Unsolicited Proposals Form

Old Victoria Hospital Lands

The City of London is pleased to present a unique development opportunity within the Old Victoria Hospital Lands. This is the second phase of land disposition associated with the Old Victoria Hospital and it presents developers with the unique opportunity to combine modern living with the charm of historically significant buildings.

Phase II Details:

The second phase of the Old Victoria Hospital Lands is located within the up and coming SoHo neighbourhood of London. The site is located at the gateway of the downtown, in walking distance to future rapid transit stations and is in close proximity to the Thames River and its amenities.

This 6.25 acres (2.53ha) site includes two historically significant buildings. All municipal services are available.

A Zoning By-law amendment has been initiated by the City of London for this site, which would permit primarily medium-density residential uses with opportunities for small-scale commercial and office uses.

Take a tour of the Old Victoria Hospital Lands - Phase II

Old Victoria Hospital Secondary Plan

The Old Victoria Hospital Lands Secondary Plan was approved by City Council on June 24, 2014 and is now in force and effect. The City of London has completed Old Victoria Hospital Secondary Plan.  The boundary for the Secondary Plan had been conceptually defined during the June 2011 SoHo Community Improvement Plan (CIP) community consultation process.  Representatives from the City of London and professional planning consultants retained by the City presented information regarding the Secondary Plan on January 30, 2013. ​​​

Related Documents to the OVHL Project

Report to the Planning and Environment Committee - June 17 204

Old Victoria Hospital Lands Secondary Plan

City of London Sale and Disposition of Land Policy

Council Report Surplus






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