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Now that Neighbourhood Decision Making 2021 is done for the year, we encourage you to begin thinking of ideas to improve your neighbourhood so that you are prepared to submit an idea during Neighbourhood Decision Making 2022. View the 2021 winning ideas below. 

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The winning ideas are in! Residents from every neighbourhood in London participated in the City of London’s 2021 Neighbourhood Decision Making program. Londoners cast 10,398 votes to decide what neighbourhood projects will be funded. Votes were cast on Saturday, November 6 online, in-person and over the phone.

A total of $250,000 in funding was available from the City. London was divided into five geographic areas as part of the voting process, and each of these areas will receive up to $50,000 for projects to help make the city’s many great neighbourhoods even better.

Here are the winning projects that will be brought to life in neighbourhoods across London:

Winning projects

Central London

  • Neighbourhood Porch Concert Series in Central London (to receive $30,000 in funding)
  • Greenhouse Project at the Western Fair District (to receive $20,000 in funding)

Northeast London

  • Outdoor Fitness Centre in Meander Creek Park (to receive $30,000 in funding)
  • Mural Building on Oxford Street and Boullee Street (to receive $12,000 in funding)
  • Mental Wellness Fair (to receive $8,000 in funding)

Northwest London

  • Accessible Playground at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School (to receive $30,000 in funding)
  • Community Ice Rink in Riverbend Park (to receive $4,600 in funding)
  • Pollinator Garden in Snake Creek (to receive $4,600 in funding)
  • Benches in Oakridge (to receive $8,000 in funding)
  • Boulevard of Dreams: Decorative Garbage Cans in Nor'west Optimist Park (to receive $1,410 in funding)

Southeast London

  • Musical Playground at John P. Robarts Public School (to receive $13,300 in funding)
  • Basketball Upgrades for Princess Anne French Immersion (to receive $6,000 in funding)
  • Butterfly and Pollinator Garden (to receive $3,000 in funding)
  • Grampian Woods Playground Addition (to receive $27,700 in funding)

Southwest London

  • Outdoor Ice Rink in Talbot Park (to receive $5,500 in funding)
  • Warbler Woods Improvements (to receive $30,000 in funding)
  • Butterfly Garden in Greenway Park (to receive $3,600 in funding)
  • Restoring Native Planting in Grand View Park (to receive $10,900 in funding)

Earlier this year, Londoners were invited to submit ideas to improve their neighbourhoods from August 16 to September 21.  A total of 230 ideas were submitted by residents, neighbourhood associations, student groups. 86 project ideas made it onto the ballot after they were reviewed by City staff. All 18 winning projects will be implemented over the course of the next year.

Neighbourhood Decision Making is a key component in engaging Londoners to have a sense of belonging in their neighbourhoods and community as outlined in the City of London’s Strategic Plan.

​To view the full list of vote results, click here.

Frequently asked questions

What is Neighbourhood Decision Making?

Neighbourhood Decision Making is a City program that offers community members of all ages the opportunity to directly decide how to spend a portion of the municipal budget in their neighbourhoods. It enables residents to work with the local government to make decisions that affect their lives. This program is an important part of the London Strengthening Neighbourhoods Strategy (2017-2020) and supports the Strategic Plan for the City of London in strengthening our community by creating vibrant, connected, and engaged neighbourhoods.

We have $250,000 for this program, with $50,000 allocated to five geographic areas of the City: Central, North West, North East, South West and South East. An idea can cost up to $30,000.

What is the purpose of Neighbourhood Decision Making?

The purpose of this program is to engage, empower, and connect residents by bringing neighbours together around community-driven projects that enhance and strengthen their neighbourhoods. 

What are the goals of Neighbourhood Decision Making?

The goals of this program include:

  • Resident engagement and participation in civic decision making;
  • Residents connecting with neighbours;
  • Learn what residents want in their neighbourhoods;
  • Resident involvement in local voting process where they get to decide how money gets spent.
Who can participate?

Any Londoner of any age can participate in all steps of the process. From idea submissions to voting.

Why should you participate?

Neighbourhood Decision Making offers residents the opportunity for real-life participation in voting for ideas that will improve the neighbourhood they live in.

Where does this take place?

It is a city-wide initiative, with five geographic areas: Central, South East, South West, North East and North West.

What qualifies as an idea?

Idea proposals should:

  • Involve and empower members of the neighbourhood and demonstrate broadbased and diverse participation in the project process
  • Be originated, planned and put into action by the neighbours and community members who will be affected by the project
  • Occur within the city limits and be on public land that is accessible
  • Idea proposals may achieve any of the following outcomes:
    • Improve neighbourhood safety, participation and mobility
    • Beautify the neighbourhood
    • Improve community connections and understanding between neighbours
    • Encourage diversity and inclusion
    • Enhance or expand green space
Last modified:Friday, January 21, 2022