Meadowlily Road Area Environmental Assessment


The City of London has initiated a Class Environmental Assessment Study for a new municipal pumping station and servicing study to address servicing future developments within the Meadowlily Road area. This study will identify and evaluate alternative solutions, and select the preferred servicing strategy for the study area.

In addition, consistent with the Cycling Master Plan Environmental Assessment, there is a need to address the gap in the recreational pathway system between the Meadowlily Bridge and the Citywide Sports Park on Commissioners Road East within the Right of Ways that meets all City design standards for the Thames Valley Parkway, multi-use pathway.

Current status

MTE Consultants Inc. (MTE) has been retained by the City of London to complete a  Schedule ‘B’ Environmental Assessment and Servicing Study for the Meadowlily Road Area. The main objectives of the project are:

  • Assess the existing sanitary sewer collection system, and evaluate alternative routes for conveying sanitary flow to the Pottersburg Waste Water Treatment Plant
  • Conduct a Municipal Class Schedule  ‘B’ Environmental Assessment for the preferred location of a new sanitary pumping station and primary recreational pathway linkages in the Meadowlily Road area.
  • Provide an area servicing study for the Meadowlily Road area, including water servicing and stormwater management.
  • Determine the most appropriate means of establishing primary recreational pathway linkages between Meadowlily Bridge and the Citywide Sports Park within the Meadowlily Road South and Commissioners Road East, Right of Ways (ROWs).
  • Present design alternatives and working with the stakeholders to select a Preferred design.  

​​​​Learn more about the project

The City hosted a presentation and discussion on December 8, 2022 about the project where residents could ask questions and share input on the identified alternatives. The presentation slides from the meeting are available to review. 

Study area

Meadowlily area map

Project Timeline

April 2022: Notice of Study Commencement

The City sent out a notice of commencement to residents, business owners and interested stakeholders to notify them of the Environmental Assessment's start

July 2022: First Public Information Centre

A Public Information Centre has yet to be scheduled. Members of the public, review agencies, Aboriginal Communities and interested parties will be encouraged to attend once dates and locations are determined

December 2023: Expected Environmental Study Report Completion Date

The Environmental Assessment is expected to be complete at this time, and Council will approve the plan

Last modified:Thursday, April 04, 2024