Update on multi-agency proactive apartment inspection

On Tuesday, February 28, 2023, Municipal Compliance Services and the London Fire Department initiated a pilot multi-agency proactive apartment inspection.

Since then, staff have inspected three buildings containing 512 units. Occupants of 70 units identified issues, some were deemed valid, and others are subject to further investigation.

Typical violations include property standards, vital service and fire safety matters such as lighting, plumbing, low heat, and missing smoke alarms.

The decision to continue the pilot is still being considered, subject to staff resources and public demands for Municipal Compliance services. The London Fire Department’s Fire Prevention Division continues to complete proactive fire code related inspections outside of the pilot program.

“The pilot program is meeting its objectives,” said Nicole Musicco, Coordinator, Municipal Compliance. “Staff will continue to work with property managers and tenants to ultimately ensure the health, safety and quality of life of tenants across the City.”

For the purposes of fairness and the principles of independent investigation and because the contents of investigations are subject to Provincial privacy legislation, information regarding individual files cannot be provided.  

For more information regarding your responsibilities as a tenant, or as a property owner, landlord, or property manager, visit London.ca.

Last modified:Friday, October 27, 2023