Council considering a motion to leave the Blackfriars Bridge closed to vehicles

On November 16, City Council will review a motion to determine whether the Blackfriars Bridge will remain closed to vehicle traffic.  

Motion to Council: That Civic Administration be directed to leave Blackfriars Bridge closed to motor vehicles and commence the review of its operations as required by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks* including public consultation, and report back at a future meeting of the Civic Works Committee.

*The Blackfriars Bridge Environmental Assessment (a study conducted prior to the bridge’s rehabilitation) includes a requirement for the City of London to revisit how the bridge should be used within five years of project completion

Residents interested in this matter can view the full motion presented at Civic Works Committee or watch the upcoming Council Meeting on YouTube on Tuesday, November 16 for more information.

At this time, the bridge remains closed to vehicles and open as a shared space for cyclists and pedestrians until the outcome of the November 16 Council meeting has been determined.  

About the Blackfriars Bridge closure to vehicles

The closure of Blackfriars Bridge to motor vehicles in April 2020 was a temporary COVID-19 measure to provide more space for physical-distancing. Similar physical-distancing measures were put in place throughout the City to provide space to allow for physical distancing for people walking and biking on narrow points on London’s roads, sidewalks and multi-use pathways.

Last modified:Thursday, November 04, 2021