New multi-residential Green Bin pilot project launches in London

Selected multi-residential buildings across London will soon be part of a Green Bin pilot project. The pilot project aims to introduce the separation of food waste using the kitchen container and placement in centralized Green Bin Carts by residents in medium and high-rise apartment and condominium buildings. The pilot project will eventually have between 10 and 15 buildings participating. The City, the London Property Management Association and others will analyse the results and participation in the program for the purpose of developing a larger program for London building owners.

“Norquay Property Management Limited is happy to be partnering with the City of London on the Green Bin pilot project,” highlights Graig Linton, President, Norquay Property Management Limited. “It gives us an opportunity to gauge resident interest as well as identifying and resolving potential issues prior to rolling out the initiative to all medium and high-density residential buildings across the city.”

For the launch of the pilot project, two Norquay buildings will be included, a large building with 135 units and a smaller building with 40 units. Kitchen containers and program information will be provided by the City to all those that wish to participate. The kitchen containers will be used in homes to collect food scraps and spoiled leftovers. Residents will then bring these organic materials to new community Green Bin carts provided to their building. Collection services will be provided by the City.

“After the successful launch of the Green Bin program for curbside households, we are excited to launch the Green Bin pilot project in a few multi-residential buildings,” says Jay Stanford, Director, Climate Change, Environment and Waste Management. “It is an exciting next step for the Green Bin program, and it will help more Londoners take climate action by diverting their organic materials from the landfill. We are grateful that Norquay Property Management agreed to be among the first buildings to participate.” 

The City will be adding other buildings in the next two months. The duration of the pilot project will depend on the building owners. It is anticipated that some may participate for six to eight months while others may participate for up to a year or more. The duration will be assessed along with other information being compiled including comments and feedback from residents and building superintendents. 

The Green Bin Program aims to bring awareness to the amount of food waste created and to keep organic materials from going to the landfill. All materials collected during the pilot project will go the City’s organics processing contractor, Convertus, located on Wellington Road South.

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: A Green Bin cart which will be used in multi-residential buildings for the pilot project.

Above: A Green Bin cart which will be used in multi-residential buildings for the pilot project

Last modified:Friday, April 26, 2024