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The City of London is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from all qualified individuals.

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Working for the City of London

Our team delivers the essential services that have a direct impact on the lives of Londoners. We work together to deliver on Council’s Strategic Plan.

We are a large team of over three thousand dedicated employees delivering over one hundred services. Our work has a direct impact on Londoners. When you work for the City of London, you’ll know you’re doing work that matters.

Equity and Inclusion 

Our mission is to be a responsive and modern public service partner that fosters change to build a better London for all.  Our desire is to ensure London is a

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welcoming, inclusive and safe community for everyone. We want the same for our employees. Through our Workplace Diversity and Inclusion Plan, we’ve taken many steps to have our workforce more representative of the community we serve and to foster an inclusive workplace. This is an exciting time to be part of the City of London, as our committed employees and citizens work collectively to end racism and oppression in our community and workplace. 


Types of employment opportunities

As you browse open job opportunities, you may notice different types of employment. In addition to regular full-time, part-time and temporary positions we have:

Co-op: Available at different times of the year, these are available to students as way of providing practical hands-on work experience. These positions are typically recruited and filled through a partnership with an education institution.

Temporary labourers: Most of these positions run from May to November, while some end in August. The opportunities are posted in December for the following year and are ideal for post-secondary students. Applications will require a current resume, work or volunteer reference letters and a current police check. These positions generally offer full-time hours, with some requiring shift work, CPR and a G or DZ driver’s licence.

Summer positions: A variety of administrative positions are available each summer in many areas across the organization. Ideal for post-secondary students, these positions run from May to August. Postings for these appear on our website between December and February. Other positions run just through July and August, such as for our day camps, Storybook Gardens and pools. These are ideal for high school students. 

Casual: These positions offer flexible hours and may be ideal for students, those with other part-time employment and retirees. 

Internships: Learn more about internship opportunities. 

Fire Services: Learn more about the various Fire Services team positions.

What you can expect through the application process


Current opportunities are posted on the City of London job postings site. Jobs can be posted any day of the week and remain on the website for at least 10 days.


The City of London only reviews applications we receive online through our job postings site. To get started, click on the “Apply Now” link on the posting.


Because of the high number of applications we typically receive, we can only contact candidates who will be invited to the next step of the hiring process.


Our interviews process usually involves two to three people, including a member of the Human Resources team and the hiring manager. Interviews usually last about an hour, depending on the position. Interviews for student and temporary labour positions are shorter.

The goal of the interview is to understand your ability to perform the role. You can expect questions focused on your skills and experience related to the job. You may also be asked about your performance or how you would respond to potential situations of the job. We’ll let you know in advance if we would like you to share a portfolio or presentations or if we need documents such as academic transcripts.


Some positions involve bona fide job related tests or tasks. For example, you may be asked to complete tasks with software applications relevant to your job or to make a presentation on a topic relevant to the job.


Candidates who are invited for an interview are asked to bring three work-related references, including supervisors from both past and current employers. At the interview, we’ll ask you to sign a form giving us permission to contact your references.

Police checks

The City of London requires individuals to successfully complete a police record check - Criminal Record Check (CRC), Criminal Record Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC), or a Vulnerable Sector Check (VSC) in a designated position. A position will be designated only where it has been established this is a bona fide job requirement of the position.  We make this request when we provide a verbal job offer, and we’ll provide information on how to get a police check. If you have a criminal record, we'll discuss the nature of the offence, when it occurred and whether it would affect your ability to do the job.


A member of the Human Resources team will make a verbal job offer. Once the terms are agreed upon and the police check is completed, successful candidates receive a written offer of employment. If you participated in an interview and are not selected for an offer of employment, a member of the Human Resources team will notify you. The length of time for our selection process varies, but can typically be up to three months.

Get answers to questions frequently asked by our applicants. Feel free to contact us if your question isn't shown or if you need further details from any of the answers below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I save my work, exit and return to my application at a later date?

Unfortunately not. You’ll have to complete your application in one session. If you exit an incomplete application then the program will apply on your behalf at that time, with that incomplete application.

How do I know my application has been received?

If you’re a first time user of our online application process, you’ll receive two e-mail confirmations. The first one will provide your username and password. The second one will be sent once your application has been successfully submitted for a position. If you’re not a first time user, you’ll receive only one e-mail confirmation once your application has been received. If you don’t receive an e-mail confirmation, try checking the “junk/spam” folder in your e-mail system. If you’ve still not received an e-mail confirmation, please contact Human Resources at 519-661-4930.

How is my application assessed?

Your application is assessed based on the information you provide in your resume and cover letter compared to the skills, qualifications and requirements listed in the job posting. Providing full details of your education, licenses, certificates, professional association membership statuses and work experience helps us in the selection process. There may also be questions asked as you are submitting your online application.

What is the best format to use when uploading my resume and documents?

Our system will use the information on your resume to create your online application form.  Below are some tips which will help make sure the data on your resume is gathered and displayed correctly within our online system.  The more clearly and consistently a resume is formatted, the more accurate the information is transferred.               

  • Use the same font throughout your resume and documents
  • Be consistent in how you bold and underline
  • Avoid using tables, graphics, WordArt, headers and footers, etc. as your information may be missed and/or displayed differently than intended
  • Try to label sections: work history, education, credentials and other key information will display in a more consistent format if they are labelled as a document section
  • Watch the file size of your attachments - uploading works better if under 12MB

Why should I use more than one version of my resume or cover letter in your online application system?

You may wish to tailor your resume to highlight different skills, knowledge, abilities or experience specific to each position you apply to.

I submitted my resume but now realize there is an error in the information I provided. What should I do?

You can update your profile by clicking on the “Update Profile” link on the top right hand side of the Current Career Opportunities page. Once you log into the system you can update your resume, attachments, contact information, etc. If you’re updating the information on your resume, be sure to also update the information in the other sections of the application.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?

Absolutely! You’re welcome to apply for any position you’re interested in. You’ll just need to create a separate application for each position.

Is my registration information secure?

Yes. The site is hosted by Talent Technology and is governed by its Privacy and Confidentiality provisions.

Who do I contact I’m having a technical problem with the site?

If you’re having problems with applying online, please contact Human Resources at 519-661-4930 or e-mail mycareer@london.ca.

I don’t have a computer, can I apply in person with a hard copy of my resume and cover letter?

All applications must be made using our online application system. If you don’t have your own computer, they are available for use at London Public Libraries or employment centres. You are also welcome to contact us to arrange a time for assistance at our Human Resources office.

I want to delete my profile from your online system. How do I do this?

We’d be happy to delete your profile if asked.  Give us a call at 519-661-4930 or e-mail mycareer@london.ca.

How long is my application to a position kept on file?

One year.

On average how long does the recruitment process take from when I submit my application to an offer being made?

It varies, but can typically be up to two to three months.

How will I know if I am selected for an interview?

You’ll receive an e-mail or telephone call from a Human Resources representative inviting you to attend an interview. Because of the number of applications we typically receive for each posting, only people chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Where are interviews done?

Most interviews happen at our Human Resources office located on the 5th floor of City Hall at 300 Dufferin Avenue. Positions for the Dearness Home are usually done there, which is located at 710 Southdale Rd E.

What can I expect during the interview process?

Our interviews are fairly formal and structured. They usually involve two to three people, including a member of the Human Resources team and the hiring manager. Interviews usually last up to an hour, depending on the position. Student and temporary labour interviews are usually a half hour. You’ll be asked questions based on the skills, qualifications and experience required to complete the role.

What if I need some type of accommodation for the interview?

We are an organization committed to an inclusive workplace, so we want to hear from you should you require accommodation during any stage of our selection process. We will work with you to remove any potential barriers which may impact you being able to effectively show your skills and experience. If you do need some type of accommodation, please talk to the Human Resources representative whom invites you to the interview.

What kind of references do I need to provide?

If you’re invited for an interview you’ll be asked to bring three work related references. Supervisory or managerial references are needed from both former and current employers. It’s best to provide options for reference contact information (e.g. home phone, work phone, cellphone, work email address or home email address). You’ll be asked you to complete an Application Reference Form before your interview, which gives us permission to contact your references.

The position I’m applying for notes that applicants may be required to complete a job related test. What kind of test might I be asked to complete?

We use a variety of job related tests to help us assess your skills, such as:

  • Technical ability (e.g. tasks using AutoCAD)
  • Presentation to the interview panel
  • Computer software skills assessments (e.g. tasks in Excel)

When are references contacted?

When you attend an interview you’ll complete an Application Reference Form which gives us permission to contact your references. If you’ve been successful in the interview process, we would then contact your references. If you want us to let you know that we’ll be contacting your references, please ask at the time of your interview.

How do I know if I am successful in the recruitment process?

A Human Resources representative will contact you by phone to provide a verbal job offer. If you accept the verbal offer, we will e-mail you a written offer of employment and employment package with documents to sign. If you’ve been interviewed but are not selected for a job offer, we’ll send you an e-mail to let you know.

Why does this job vacancy exist?

 A job vacancy can occur either because an employee has left the position or because we’ve received budget approval to add a new position.

What information is included in a job posting?

Our job postings contain the following:                     

  • Service Area: which part of the organization the position is located in
  • File Number: specific to that job posting; please reference this in your cover letter
  • Posting Open Date: first date in which resumes will be accepted
  • Posting Closed Date: final date in which resumes will be accepted
  • Job Code: internal job classification number
  • Position Title: what the job is called
  • Position Type: whether the role is permanent, temporary, part-time or casual; full-time or part time hours
  • Employee Group: whether the role is non-union or if unionized, which bargaining group
  • Summary of Duties: brief overview of the position
  • Work Performed: duties assigned to the position
  • Qualifications: the minimum level of education and/or designation/accreditation required for the position
  • Experience: the minimum requirement of related experience
  • Specialized Training and Licences: provincial, federal, or association licences or training required for the position
  • Compensation Range: the pay range for the position
  • Other Information: information about the role. For example: number of positions being recruited, temporary full-time positions being filled on a temporary basis for up to 2 years, current hours of work (for unionized positions). 
  • Important Instructions: additional information pertaining to the role. For example: applicants may be required to complete a job related test, upload your transcripts with your application, note successful candidates will be asked to provide a Police Information Check (PIC), dated within the last six months.

I’ve applied for a lot of jobs which I believe I’m qualified for, but I’ve never been contacted. What’s going on?

We receive about 25,000 applications each year and our job postings are very competitive. We review applications based on the information you provide compared to the skills, qualifications and requirements outlined in the job posting. Your application is also assessed based on your answers to the job specific questions asked when submitting your application. We invite people to interview whose qualifications most closely match the requirements in the job posting.  While you may have the base qualifications for the job, there may be others who’ve applied who have greater qualifications.       

I have a criminal record. Does that mean I won’t be considered for a job?

If you have a criminal record, we'll talk with you to understand whether the nature of the offence and when it occurred would affect your ability to do the job you’ve applied for.

I have education from outside of Canada, will my application be considered? 
Yes. Academic credentials gained from outside of Canada will be considered. Applicants will however need to have these evaluated by a Canadian professional and regulatory association. For more information you can visit Citizenship and Immigration Canada, which also allows you to find newcomer services

My question has not been answered, who can I contact?

Feel free to call Human Resources at 519-661-4930 or e-mail mycareer@london.ca.

Last modified:Wednesday, March 13, 2024