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Publications provide information on many helpful topics for Service Providers and Council Members. You can download most of these in PDF format. Others link directly to websites or require you to call for a copy.


LMLIP Strategic Plan

The three-year LMLIP Strategic Plan 2022-2025  has been endorsed by the community. It is designed to support immigrants and guide the work of LMLIP. The plan is an integrative, comprehensive local strategy developed by the LMLIP Central Council and five Sub-councils representing our community’s areas of focus. Individuals, organizations and volunteers of LMLIP are contributing significant time, energy and vision to implement the plan.






LMLIP Community Achievement Report

The report highlights yearly community achievements since the inception of LMLIP in 2009. It represents a considerable and continued investment of time, expertise and knowledge to advance solutions to the issues identified in the LMLIP Community Immigrant Strategic Plan. The reports are available as PDF files in English and French.





In-Depth Report on Cases of Discrimination in London-Middlesex and Strategies to Combat it

A follow-up to our first report on Experiences of Discrimination in London-Middlesex, this LMLIP-commissioned study looks at specific cases of discrimination faced by immigrants and racialized individuals living in the London region. Researchers with Western University’s Network for Economic and Social Trends also propose some strategies to fight discrimination and improve the integration of newcomers in our community.










Report on Experiences of Discrimination in London-Middlesex

The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) along with seven other local immigration partnerships conducted surveys on discrimination experienced among Indigenous Peoples, Immigrants and Visible Minorities and others in London-Middlesex over the last three years. The study was commissioned by the LMLIP and was conducted by researchers of Western University’s Network for Economic and Social Trends.






The primary goals of the LMLIP are to strengthen the capacity of the community in serving and integrating immigrants, and to enhance delivery of integration services to all immigrants.

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The London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) with its partners will be holding their free annual All Are Welcome Here, on March 21, 2023 to coincide with the United Nations Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The event will take place at the Islamic Centre of Southwestern Ontario, from 9:30am to 3:00pm. Together, we will learn about discrimination, where it occurs and what policies are there to address it. 

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Fact Sharing

The LMLIP Fact Sharing Work Group has conducted research on immigration trends in London and Middlesex. The purpose of this research is to better understand our local population and to counteract common misconceptions about immigrants and immigration.

Their Matter of Facts Series shares their valuable findings.

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