Two men convicted on public nuisance by-law charges

On Friday, October 28, Steven Ravbar and Matthew Carapella were convicted in response to charges issued under the City of London’s Public Nuisance By-law. Charges were issued in late 2019 in response to numerous complaints from people being verbally harassed regarding their gender, attire and appearance in public spaces in London. 

The penalties issued by the provincial court include fines of $3,500 to Ravbar and $3,750 to Carapella.

“The safety of women and children is a key pillar of City Council’s strategic plan. No one should be afraid to walk in a park or along a sidewalk in fear of being verbally accosted due to their appearance or gender,” said Orest Katolyk, Director of Municipal Compliance. “We hope these convictions send a strong message that this type of abusive and insulting language, which negatively interferes with the use and enjoyment of public places, will not be tolerated.”

The City of London’s strategic pillar to Creating a Safe London for Women & Girls puts the safety of women and girls at the heart of all municipal decisions including planning, policy development and practice. London is proud to be the first Canadian city to make a clear and focused commitment to creating a safe community for women and girls.

Last modified:Friday, October 28, 2022