Leaf collection continues as higher numbers of bags seen at the curb this month

The City of London is continuing to collect yard waste materials at the curb this week and thanks residents for their patience.

The warm weather in late October has caused more leaves to be bagged later in the season than in previous years. The increased number of bags placed at the curb has created a higher peak of materials this month and requires additional time to collect safely at this time of year.

Collection in Zone F began last week as scheduled but is continuing this week.

Collection in Zones A and B will begin as soon as Zone F is completed.

Residents can review their collection calendar to see their yard waste collection weeks, or use the Recycle Coach app to be sent reminders about yard waste, garbage, and recycling collection.

Yard waste can also be dropped off bagged or loose (e.g. leaves arriving in trailers or pickup trucks) at any of the City’s three EnviroDepots at no charge.

Last modified:Thursday, November 17, 2022