Dundas Street between English and Rectory Streets to reopen to traffic in Old East Village

As finishing touches continue on the Dundas Street Infrastructure Renewal project in Old East Village, Dundas between English and Rectory Streets will reopen to traffic today by approximately 5 p.m.

Rectory between Dundas and King Streets will also reopen to traffic at this time.

This area has been under construction this year as aging sewers and watermains are being upgraded, and overhead utilities are being relocated underground.

Work also included widening the sidewalks, adding trees, and installing brighter street lights to improve the experience for shoppers and diners on Dundas Street.

A separated eastbound bike lane is being created on the south side of Dundas to help cyclists travel through Old East Village. The bike lane on this block between English and Rectory Streets will open today along with the road.

A section of the project continues on Dundas Street between Rectory and Ontario Streets where the new separated bike lane will continue east and streetscape improvements are still being completed. This block will remain closed to traffic and is expected to reopen in December. Pedestrian access around the construction area remains open.

The second phase of the Dundas Street Infrastructure Renewal project will begin next year with similar improvements being made on Dundas Street between Adelaide and English Streets.

Last modified:Friday, November 13, 2020