City warns against sewer inspection fraud

The City of London has received several complaints from residents who have received calls or visits from someone indicating they are from the City and need to set up an appointment to come into the person’s home to inspect their plumbing and/or sewer system.

To be clear, the City does not initiate inspections over the phone or without ID at the door, especially in light of the pandemic and the current province-wide Stay-at-Home order.

Generally, City staff would only be entering someone’s home at their request (such as when a resident has reported a basement flooding issue or submitted an application through the Basement Flooding Grant Program). If the City does need to make initial contact for an inspection, it would be via letter, not phone call. If the matter was urgent, City staff would knock on the door and present photo identification.

If residents receive a call from someone asking to be let inside to inspect their plumbing and/or sewer system, they should not set up an appointment or allow anyone into their home. In Ontario, scams and fraud can be reported at: 

Last modified:Friday, April 23, 2021