The City of London’s Annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey

The City of London has partnered with Forum Research to conduct this year’s citizen satisfaction phone survey between September 22 and October 8.

 The annual satisfaction survey provides an opportunity for Londoners to share their perspectives and perceptions of key issues in our community. Residents who are contacted to participate in this confidential survey can expect questions regarding residents’ quality of life, top of mind issues, perceived value for tax dollar and satisfaction with municipal services and programs.

The survey will be a representative sample of 500 residents (18 years and older) and will be conducted using random digit dialing (RDD) telephone techniques, which includes cell phones and landlines.

Survey findings provide data-driven and performance-based reporting for Council, administration, and the public. The survey is a critical tool to gather opinions on a number of key questions to help inform strategic decisions, and ensure that organizational priorities are aligned with resident needs. Results of the survey will be presented to Council and made available on later this year.

Last modified:Wednesday, September 22, 2021