City of London representation on the Federation of Canadian Municipalities Board of Directors

City of London Councillor Josh Morgan has been elected for a third term on the Board of Directors of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM). As a board member, Councillor Morgan will continue to serve as a representative for the City of London and London City Council.

Since being elected to the Board of Directors of FCM in 2018, Councillor Morgan has been a key voice for London through his leadership with national policy and advocacy work with the Government of Canada. Councillor Morgan has served as the Chair of FCM’s Standing Committee on Community Safety and Crime Prevention, and as vice-chair of the FCM Election Readiness Working Group. He has led the City of London’s input into numerous national municipal files, including the recent Safe Restart Agreement, which provided significant relief funding for municipalities to continue to provide vital services for Londoners.

“Councillor Morgan has been a leader for London at the national table in his role on the FCM Board of Directors,” says Mayor Ed Holder. “Councillor Morgan’s work in sharing the perspectives of our city and region at the federal level will ensure Londoners are represented as the Government of Canada continues to roll out plans for economic recovery in the months ahead.”

“We know that municipalities will be on the front line of Canada’s recovery efforts from COVID-19,” says Councillor Josh Morgan. “I will continue to serve in representing London in these discussions and will continue to collaborate with cities and communities all across the country to achieve results for London and region.”

The London region will have strong representation on the FCM Board. Councillor Morgan will be joined on the Board by Thames Centre Deputy Mayor Kelly Elliot and Strathroy-Caradoc Mayor Joanne Vanderheyden who will serve as First Vice President.  

Councillors Arielle Kayabaga and Shawn Lewis have also received an endorsement from London City Council to pursue membership on FCM’s standing committees. Individuals who serve as members of committee positions are appointed by the President of FCM, and ensure that a wide variety of voices can be brought together to inform and influence federal policy making in the areas that impact cities and communities. Decisions on committee member appointments are expected in the coming months.

Last modified:Thursday, October 15, 2020