799 Southdale Road West

What is proposed?

Official Plan and Zoning amendments to allow: 

  • A 6 storey, continuum-of-care facility; two 5storey apartment buildings; and 33 townhouse units
  • Special zoning provisions are requested for reduced yard depths, increased height, increased density, and that the front lot line is deemed to be Southdale Road West
  • Change the definition of Continuum-of-Care Facility to add the following:

Not withstanding the definition of “Continuum-of-Care Facility” to the contrary , an “Apartment Building, Senior Citizens” which forms a component of a Continuum-of-Care Facility, may be owned and/or operated by a for-profit entity.

Notices of Application and Meetings

Notice of Community Information Meeting – none planned at this time

Council Decision

For more information, file status or to provide comments please contact the planner for the file.

Last modified:Friday, April 09, 2021