Slow down, plan your route, and be mindful of others as London heads back to school


With London heading back to school this September, the City of London is reminding residents to plan their commute in advance and to give themselves a little extra time when heading out the door.

Roads, sidewalks, and pathways will be busier than usual, and construction projects are still continuing in our city. Your familiar route may not be available on Monday morning.

Whether you’re walking, riding, taking transit, or driving, check and see if your commute is impacted, and plan ahead using the Waze app or the City’s Renew website.

If you’re driving:

  • Check your speed and slow down. Some area speed limits have changed in our downtown and neighbourhoods. Speed limits of 40 kilometres an hour are also implemented in school zones.
  • Some schools have arranged for alternate drop-off locations for parents to use. Each school will be communicating any adjustments to drop-off and pickup locations to their community. Review the information ahead of time provided by the Thames Valley District School Board, London District Catholic School Board, Western University, and Fanshawe College.
  • Stop for school buses. If a school bus is displaying flashing red lights, traffic in both directions must stop.
  • Don’t park in a no parking zone. School buses or other school vehicles may need access to these areas to safely unload students.

If you’re walking or biking:

  • Many students will be walking or riding their bike to school this fall. Walking or riding is a great way to explore your neighbourhood and meet other kids while maintaining physical distance. To get ready for Monday, test your route out together this weekend so that when school starts, everyone feels confident and excited to walk and ride to school.
  • With just a few more days of summer, you might encounter more people on London’s paths and trails, so please remember to respect others around you who are also using the space. Be mindful of others not traveling your speed, and maintain physical distancing.

If you’re taking public transit:

  • Review your schedule ahead of time, and familiarize yourself with LTC service updates that help us ride safely together.  

In addition to planning your back to school commute this weekend, please ensure you follow all safety precautions and continue to maintain physical distancing.


Last modified:Monday, September 14, 2020