Core Area Ambassador Program

Core Area Ambassadors Posing for a Picture on Old East Village

The Core Area Ambassadors are the City’s customer service representatives for the Core Area. They are the friendly faces interacting with residents, businesses owners, workers, tourists, and visitors.

The Ambassadors play many roles, such as responding to concerns and complaints, providing guidance on how to access City services, sharing recommendations for events and activities, supporting small-scale events and activations, working with other City teams to keep streets clean and safe, building ties with local businesses, and participating in beautification efforts.

Core Area Ambassadors talking with a local resident

The City initiated the Ambassador program to foster a welcoming and safe environment, contribute to the vibrancy and support existing programs and services in the Core Area. When the Ambassadors walk the streets, they are proactively looking for people who might need directions, help with parking or a recommendation for something to do.

Core Area Ambassadors routinely check in with businesses to share updates from the City and listen to any questions or concerns they have, connecting them with helpful information, resources and supports where possible.

The Ambassadors are out on the streets of Downtown, Old East Village and Midtown from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., Monday to Saturday and 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays. They walk regular beats across the area, providing a range of services.

How can the Ambassadors support you?

  • Events and programming: Let us know what public events or activities you have planned; we can help with promotion, equipment, and more.
  • Building relationships with businesses: We regularly check in with businesses, sharing information, responding to questions and comments, and following up when necessary.
  • Responding to questions: We greet visitors and help them navigate the Core Area. We have information about restaurants, attractions, events, parking, public transit, and more.
  • Improving cleanliness on our streets: We pick up small pieces of litter and notify City teams about larger cleanliness issues

We’re easy to spot!

Ask us a question or share a concern. Look for the ‘i’ on the back of our bright green uniforms as we walk the streets.

The Ambassador are easy to spot! Just look out for the i on the back of their vibrant, green shirt.

By the numbers

Since launching in December 2021, the Core Area Ambassadors have logged over 5000 interactions with residents, businesses owners, workers, tourists, and visitors. The Ambassadors have assisted in over 250 special events and activations. In addition, they have logged over 1,400 service requests related to vandalism, encampments, streetside garbage, property damage and construction concerns, to name a few.   

Need immediate support?

Visit our Core Area supports contact list to find a list of supports. 

Last modified:Friday, April 28, 2023